Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Dead in Three Months

I am really not one to post a negative review and I will say some good will come out it from Whirlpool themselves. However, this “top of the line”  washing machine became a huge waste of not only money but time as well.


Whirlpool Cabrio Review


The little things I did not like.

This machine is a non-agitator top loading machine. I seriously wanted one and drooled over this machine for the longest time. I got it home and realized  I am 5’2″ tall I can not reach the inside bottom of this machine without leaning half in and having to hyperextend my arm.If there is a sock or something very flat at the bottom I struggle to fish it out. It makes doing laundry for this short lady a task.

Whirlpool Cabrio Drum

You can not just toss laundry in. It needs to be loaded around the tiny “agitator” plate and not cover it. Otherwise, things will become unbalanced and not wash properly.

Speaking of not washing properly sheets, comforters and other large items tend to get stretched out across the load and the middle does not get wet or wash at all sometimes. That one spot on the stretched item will just remain dry and unwashed because the water jets spray around the edges.

The tinted glass makes it hard to see in the machines. It is not a big deal for the dryer but because of the issues with the washer, it would be nice to make sure the load is washing properly so if you had to you could readjust it.


The positive things.

I love the color of the machines they are a shiny gray they refer to as chrome.

The dryer seems to work well it has a ton of settings including steam (However I do not have the water hooked up to it so no idea how well that works.)

The tinted glass does look nice.

The dryer’s lint screen is super easy to clean out.

Happy Three Months The Washer Is Dead

Yup, you read that right the washer is dead. One night it started flashing error codes and whirlpool said to unplug it for five minutes, plug it back in and it would be fine. WRONG, so wrong. I plugged it back in thinking I would get back to washing clothes. It would not power back on. Dead as a doornail. That was well over a month ago. The story gets even better. You ready for this?

We got online and contacted Whirlpool that night and set up warranty service for the next day. Awesome! Just a little hick up. Or so we thought.

The repair man came out. Surprise, it is broken. (You don’t say?)It needed a panel and board.He ordered the parts assuring us it would take a week to ten days. It’s been a month plus. We have put in call after call to the repair place. Nope, no part. Nope, they can’t track it? (The repair place is a whole other nightmare)

So with it being over the month mark we are frustrated and decide to figure out ourselves where the part is. Interestingly they do not know. How can they not know? They sent it. So they tell my husband they will send another and expedite it. A week later still no part. So My husband calls Whirlpool AGAIN. He gets a supervisor on the phone guess what? That part is on back order.

Whirlpool’s Resolution

This supervisor did take the time to listen to the whole situation and she did admit that these washers are an issue.(Hence the reason the parts are on back order) In fact, they are redesigned now or in the process of it. After listening she told him to pick a new washer and they would ship it. So now we are waiting on a new front loader to show up. So I am unhappy that they made such a horrible machine that seems to be failing for a lot of people. With that said I am happy my husband really pressed the issue with them and they found a way to resolve it. I am praying the new machine is far better and last like my other Whirlpool front loader did.

Come check out my new Whirlpool front loader review here.

As for the repair man, the place they warranted through is a complete joke and he seems to be collecting warranty work money and never finishing it. he has complaints through the BBB, and tons of bad reviews online for horrible treatment of customers. Much of the same issues we had with him. I tend to think he got the first part and used it elsewhere. He promised us a loner machine over a week ago and never brought it he was a no call no show day after day. Shaking my head.


As Pa Ingalls said, “Alls well that ends well.”


I dislike posting negative reviews but, I also feel with the priceyness of this item buyers should be forewarned. I wish I was.

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Love Jennifer


This blog is part of Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop this week I chose this prompt “1. Write about a time you wasted your money.”
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12 thoughts on “Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Dead in Three Months

  1. How frustrating! Guess they still have to work the kinks out of that type of machine. We have a Whirlpool front-loader that’s now about 13 years old. The only problem we had was a few years ago, the whole drum needed to be replaced. Fortunately it happened just before the 10 year warranty ran out so it didn’t cost us anything. And that old drum makes the perfect outdoor firepit!
    Lori recently posted…How a Pedicure Confirmed My Bitchy Resting FaceMy Profile

  2. It is really sad when the aspects of a washer you like are all cosmetic. I find with a lot of technology today they are so focused on the bling factor they neglect the actual functioning part. I lived overseas for 6 months and had to do all my washing on a board in a bin…and aside from that weekend I washed everything I had expect the PJs I was wearing and was stuck in the apartment for the rest of the weekend – it worked out well. At least my clothes were clean. I might make my kids start doing that just for appreciation of the laundry experience. Thanks so much for an awesome post about a horrible situation.
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    • I had talked with my husband about getting this one fixed and selling out of it for what we could get and going back to a more simple machine without panels and boards and all the hoopla. But, with their offer, he ended up with another bling factor machine. I just pray it doesn’t end up such junk like this one. I did have good luck with my other Whirlpool front loader though. I’m not going to lie it is in my kitchen and in everyone’s view so I was a bit of a laundry snob. LOL, I LOVE the way it looks I just don’t love its death or the fact I need an arm that is about nine inches longer. 😉

  3. Looks are so deceiving! It looks so pretty! In all honesty if the product is no good, you shouldn’t feel bad about writing a review! It’s a heads up to anyone who was considering purchasing the same machine. Sorry that you had such a terrible experience, I hope your next washer is better!

  4. Ugh! My sister recently had a washer/dryer give out on her and they no showed/rescheduled the replacement at LEAST four times. She had to do laundry at our other sister’s house for weeks. So annoying! I feel for you!
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