Things I Hope My Children Know

a mothers love sentiment

1.I know I was not the perfect parent. I know I made mistakes. However, I always loved you and my intentions were good.

2. I don’t just use the words I love you out of habit, or because I feel like I have to. I say it because I mean it from the depths of my soul.

3. I do not love you all exactly the same. I love you all in very distinct individual ways. You are all unique people. I love you all to the moon and back, however, each of our journeys there together was vastly Different. I love how individual you all are and cherish that in many different ways.

4. I will love you until my end of days. I love you no matter what. I may not love all the things you do or the choices you make but YOU I love no matter what.

5. It kills me not to help you when things are bad. I want to fix life for you. I want to scoop you up and make life good. However I know letting you fall, even hard sometimes is the only way you will learn.

6.  I will worry about you. I have done it from the day that pregnancy test turned positive. It is my God given right. Yes, I know it is annoying. Be patient with me. It’s hard having such a big part of me out there in this world that can be terrible at times.

7. I know I give advice when you don’t want it. I know you think sometimes I am not doing enough for you. Sometimes the truth and tough love are pretty hard gifts to give and take.  I know sometimes I am wrong with my advice. That’s okay too. Just like when you make mistakes and I continue to love you I hope you will do the same for me.

8. I hope you know my door is always open. You don’t need to knock.

9. When you come in please for the love of goodness sake take off your shoes at the door!


Love Muma <3


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