The Quick List Of New Baby Needs

What does that new baby really need?
by: Jennifer Gove


What your baby really needs.
There are so many gadgets out on the market, so many cute little outfits, so many baby things that we think we need, so many we don’t need. Here are some ideas to get you started .

Don’t spend TONS of money on these first little outfits baby will grow really fast and many clothes they may not even get to wear.
Onesies about 6-8
Sleep and plays 10
3 cute outfits
Snowsuit if winter

Sweater or light jacket for fall or spring.
Socks about 10 pair
Blanket sleepers for cool nights about 4
Hat for winter or summer
6-7 receiving blankets

Other stuff
2 pack packages small diapers
Baby lotion
Cotton balls
Baby nail clippers
Gentle baby soap
Diaper rash ointment
The Big Stuff
The VERY first thing you must buy is a CAR SEAT (Please buy new)
Stroller or Carrier
As far a bassinet it is up to you remember baby will not use this very long.
I would suggest a good pack n play over a bassinet they often come with an attachable bassinet and changing tables.
A swing great for soothing baby when you have been doing it for hours.
Also, a bouncy seat is wonderful
A changing table. However a changing mat is awesome! I used one all the time to change baby where ever I happened to be. Far more convenient.

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