The Proposal

This post was inspired by Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop.


I picked prompt  1. Write about your proposal. Were you surprised?

I was a pretty laid back in my younger years getting into trouble was not really my thing. Partying was not my gig nor was stealing, drugs or anything many of the teens around me were doing. Being a  homebody was more my idea of how life was to be spent. My goals were to get married, have children and be a housewife. Yes, there is more to life. Hey, I was young, those were my goals. I owned them, I am living them and most of all I am happy.

Being younger and sitting around the house ultimately leads to boredom.

I mean prince charming husband was not going to show up on his white horse and carry me away. In fact, it was unlikely the drunk down the road would show up in a beat up Chevy to drag me to his crap shack. So I did what any foolish young lady would do with a Rockstar magazine in hand. I called one of those weird personal ad numbers in the back of it.

Look, it was 1990’s we didn’t have the Internet.

We had party land lines and personal ads. From that ad, I got phone call after phone call from every weirdo you could imagine. Some nasty, weird and scary crap. After a month the calls finally stopped. Then the very last phone call. The 70th (Yes I kept track) a voice came over the line. We talked a bit and he said. I am going to marry you. I laughed at him and added him to my weirdo list.

Day after day the weirdo kept calling back.

In fact, I started looking forward to the weirdo’s calls. I slowly moved him to a list of his own. A friend. We talked for a month straight and decided to meet. He came to the city where I lived and we went on a double date with myself, him and my parents. It was the ONLY date I had ever been on. Then he went home still insisting I was “the one”. So two weeks later we drove to his small town and I signed a marriage license making that the second we had met up in person.

For Christmas that year I got my wedding dress.

A pretty peach dress with a white lace overlay. Two days after Christmas he was at my home. He didn’t come on a white horse, he didn’t come with a castle he came with two carefully chosen rings from a pawn shop. He like a gentleman slept on my mother’s sofa. The next day we called the Justice of Peace and stood in front of a small group of people and said our vows together. That was just over 26 years ago. He’s not a prince but he is a man that I am proud to call my husband. Perhaps meeting him was fate but, here is the truth it was in hind site dangerous stupid. I lucked out. It could have turned out very, very bad. I am well aware and certainly do not advocate as a grown woman who is now much brighter than that fast tracking marriage with a stranger.

We had every single odd stacked against our favor and I think after all these years it is safe to say we beat them.  He is not only my husband but, my best friend.

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18 thoughts on “The Proposal

  1. Sometimes I miss the days before the Internet. Just saying.

    You are lucky he didn’t turn out to be a serial killer, but you did get to know him (at least over the phone) and clearly there was something about him you learned to love. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

    • Looking back I see what a huge risk it was. Not that I feel any regret. I would have just gone about it differently…Smarter. I understand missing times before the Internet, people can’t take hardly a moment from their devices.

    • I add the words of warning because I have young daughters and I know I would not want them to do that. I would have heart failure from worry. I do so love my “Weirdo though” LOL

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