5 home decor tips that are always trending

I am excited to share with you all a guest post by Julie Austin. She has written a wonderful article exclusively for Simply Moms. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I have. ~Jenn


Decorating your home with tips trending is always a good idea, they make you feel up to date. Decorating trends come and go quickly but there are always some things always hanging around. We have five home décor tips for you that are still going strong.


1 – Go Green

The breathing plants and flowers make a house look lively and much more realistic plus they are always trending!

Yes, you have probably seen a lot of people using artificial plants and flowers in their house all the time, but they are just not aware of the fact that living plants and flowers are the prettiest. You can water them daily and keep them near a window so it can get its mandatory sunshine as well. You should avoid using artificial things and get more real. Going green has been the best home décor tip since it adds calmness and promotes peace in the house. If you think that adding plants to your home might require a lot of maintenance, then you’re wrong because some plants need nothing but water and some sun. The breathing plants and flowers make a house look lively and much more realistic plus they are always trending!


2 – Flooring

Wooden floor has taken the lead and look marvelous merged in with the rest of the room.

Yes, carpet might have been trending some years ago, but nowadays it’s all wood! People have switched from carpet to wood since quite some years now. Wooden floor has taken the lead and look marvelous merged in with the rest of the room. It blends in with every color, pattern, and décor. The wooden color also complements the other things such as rugs and pillows in the chamber well. You can add the pop of colors as well.


3 – Lucite

It is a transparent or translucent plastic material that has been trending for some time now.

It is a transparent or translucent plastic material that has been trending for some time now. It is famous for hand towels, drawers, tables, chair legs and the list goes on and on. People tend to use this material because of its non-existent color which blends in with almost anything. It is a fashionable accessory and does not even require such high maintenance.


4 – Brass and Gold

Metallic colors were always in, and they are perfect for the kitchen.

Metallic colors were always in, and they are perfect for the kitchen. People will be mesmerized by the way your kitchen looks if it contains stainless steel appliances and a golden faucet or light fixture. People have preferred brass and gold over silver since a long time now.


5 – Stop clutter

Simplicity and minimalism have been the key to an elegant and clean house

You should be adding the things that are required in the house and not dump everything in the rooms. When decorating the home or adding new furniture to your house, make sure not to overdo it. Simplicity and minimalism have been the key to an elegant and clean house. People always try to keep the items in the room at their minimum rate. You can donate items that you no longer need or just put them all in the store.

Other than all this, make sure to invest on quality furniture. For the bedroom of adults, a couch is an absolute necessary and as far as the kids are concerned, for their bedroom, a nursery glider is a must have thing. It makes an amazing impression. I hope it helps. Stay safe!


About the Author:

Julie Austin is a blogger who loves to write about home improvement. She is sociable and kind and loves to decorate almost everything! In her free time, she enjoys sunset with her friends at the seashore. Read her posts at http://nurserygliderz.com/

Toys Toddlers Will Really Play With

Recently I stood in the center of Little Miss Toddlers room shaking my head. She had just dumped a bunch of toys everywhere and ran for the hills. It was a new game she named on her very own called “Make a Mess” What I could not figure out was with so many toys why would she just keep dumping everything and taking off. Then a light came on.

There were just too many toys.

Like way too many. Some really useless, noise making, no imagination needed toys. It was time to sort, declutter and put away some of these things. So Little Miss Toddler and I worked on that over last weekend. The list I am giving you is essentially what she is left with now in her room.

Toys your toddler will really play with and love that foster learning

Then after things were gone and what was left was put away Little Miss Toddler did something she had not done in a long time.

She sat at her table and colored, then she put a puzzle together…She played with her toys.

Less IS more.

This is our Most LOVED by Little Miss Toddler Toy List

  • Cars and trucks
  • Blocks (Wooden and plastic interlocking types)
  • Baby dolls
  • Something to push around such as a doll stroller or a shopping cart
  • Kitchen set, dishes and pretend food
  • Wooden puzzles
  • Books
  • Crayons, coloring book and a scribble pad
  • Dress up clothes simple things to put on such as funny hats, sunglasses and the like.
  • A play set such as a doll house, garage, or castle that includes people, cars, and animals
  • Stacking cups
  • A shape sorting toy
  • A ride on toy or trike
  • A child size table and chairs
  • Ball
  • Bubbles
  • Play dough
  • Non-toxic or homemade paints
  • A bin for playing with water, rice, beans or other sensory items
  • Barbies just because our little REALLY loves them

Toddler plays with a bin of water out on the deck

Often times the most simple things provide hours of fun for a young child. Water play is an excellent example of this.

Open-ended toys that allow imagination to take over are most often the best choices.

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Moon Sand Flour and Oil Version Taste Safe and Homemade

Homemade Moon Sand this is messy play at its finest.

I chose the flour and vegetable oil combination because Little Miss Toddler will not keep things like this out of her mouth. We did it on the kitchen floor.Clean up involved sweeping up and mopping really well (Think oil residue). Next time I would put an old sheep or newspaper down for easier cleanup or simply do it outside.

This homemade Moon Sand or as some call it Cloud Dough is soft, molds together well and it is wonderful sensory play for even a pretty young child. Little Miss Toddler enjoyed it.

Homemade Moon Sand finding the magic in the mess -www.simplymoms.net

What you need is simple and most everyone has it on hand. 

  • 8 Cups of Flour (All-Purpose)
  • 1 Cup of Vegetable Oil
  • A few drops food coloring if you like but not needed. (We skipped this)

In a large bin just mix it all together really well. Done and done.

We tossed in some kitchen scoops, spoons and the like. She had a blast.


Maybe Moon Sand is not what you intended to find or wish to make today? How about some play dough recipes?


Homemade Cloud Dough

Toddler Playing With Home made Moon Sand

Toddler sensory Play

Sensory Bin Flour and Oil

Messy Play

Toddler playing with cloud dough and scoops

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Tips For Brand New Bloggers

It is almost funny to me to even write one tip on blogging since I am very new, to the idea and process of blogging though I have made many half attempts at blogging and rather flopped about like a fish out of water because that is just how I feel.
 Blogging Tips
Everyone is doing link ups, and blog hops and all this fancy stuff. I am just sitting here trying to figure out what to write and how to write it. My style is not all that fancy. I have great ideas that often sound very flat typed out on the screen and I wonder why bother? Who would even read any of this?
So here is my best advice. Stop wondering who is reading. Write for you.  Yes, keep it interesting and fun but, do it for you in a way that is really allowing the person you are to shine, though. It is my thought and I know it is what brings me back to other blogs that people want to know the real you.
 Another thing I look for is regular posting. If a person posts a lot here and there and then not for long periods of time I tend to lose interest. I decided that when I wanted to give this whole blogging thing a try for real this time that I would post at least once a day and I do.
Find a simple and clearly laid out Link Exchange. Read the rules and follow them.  I have joined a couple so far and it does increase traffic. It also gives me a topic to write about when honestly there are days I can think of nothing.
That brings me to my last tip if you will. When you can think of nothing there are a million and one writing prompts out there for you to pull off. I am not a great writer I do not pretend to be. I do truly feel thought the more you write the better you will become at it. The prompts get my brain moving in a forward direction.
Happy Blogging.
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