DISNEY Princess Ariel Pley Box Unboxing

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Little Miss had been hearing for some time that she had a surprise coming in the mail. She LOVES the mail. In fact, she loves the mail so much that when we get packages she gives them to the family member they belong to and insists they sit beside her on the couch so she can see what they got. Her absolute favorite is my junk mail she thinks it came just for her and gets so excited to open “her” mail. I told her this mail would be a package just for her and it would have princess stuff in it. My Lord two favorites in one! Mail and princesses. So each day we would watch for her DISNEY Princess Pley Box.

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Little Miss was very happy her surprise came in a large pink box. Surely if it comes in a PINK box it must be super awesome. Let me tell you. It did not disappoint at all! Keep in mind with the box in hand all I knew was it would be something to do with a DISNEY princess.

The boxes are a mystery to everyone until you receive it and open it, that is half the fun!

DISNEY Pley Box Packaging

Right on the very top of the box was this super cute pair of Princess Ariel pajamas! Little Miss was so excited!  She wanted to wear them right then and there. From what I understand most boxes contain a T-shirt so it was really neat to pull out some PJ’s. They are good quality and have stood up to many washes with little shrinkage and no fading at all. They are her very favorite pajamas now.

DISNEY Ariel Pajamas -Pley Box

The DISNEY Princess Ariel fashion doll is just the right size to play with those “other fashion dolls” She was so in awe of this beautiful doll with her vivid soft flowing red hair and mermaid clothing. “Giga she is a fishy like Mr. Blue!” ( She has a pet beta fish she adores.) She quickly introduced this Princess to all her new friends “The fashion dolls”. They have been the best of friends since.

DISNEY Princess Ariel fashion doll -Pley Box

Not the best photo it focused on that gorgeous doll. Isn’t she just so pretty? What little girl would not fall in love with her?

ARIEL from DISNEY childrens sunglasses. PLEY BOX

Little Miss is 2 and just a bit more than a 1/2 and the glasses fit her little face well. They had UV protection stickers on them so while they are cute as can be they are also protecting her eyes all while looking like a diva.

Sunglasses for children DISNEY PRINCESS green Ariel - Pley Box

Flounder is made of harder rubber I am guessing. Taking him in the pool or bath does not seem to bother him at all. Little Miss gets a kick out of having him to play with amongst her bath toys. He is no worse for wear. He is a fish after all 😉 .

and we have a Flounder the fish PLEY BOX

Of course, Flounder must get a kiss because she loves him! Included in every box is also an activity book. In this book, you will also find instructions on making each box into a castle you can color. Though this one turned into a ship. It also includes a little story about the princess and other fun activities.

Fish Kiss

All in all, I am very impressed with our very first Pley Box. Everything was packaged well and really nice quality. Almost a month later Little Miss is still playing with and wearing the things that she got in her box.

DISNEY Pley Box unboxing

If you are interested in a Pley Box subscription for your little princess check out the DISNEY Pley Box Here .

 Included in this months box?

  • Pajamas
  • Ariel Fashion Doll
  • Child sized sunglasses
  • Small Flounder the fish figure
  • Pley Magazine
  • The box that turns into a ship.


Love Jennifer