The Month Of May

I know, I have been absent with nothing to say.  Sometimes the Internet has days weeks and months where it feels like it is weighing me down. It is strange I know.  Something that if I want this blog to work I need to sort out and get over. So this afternoon I am just going to share some photos from my May 🙂

My sweet Trev on his bike at the park

Trev, hard to think my baby will be 16 in October! We were out enjoying one of our very few nice days!

little Miss Toddler Picking Flowers at the park

Little Miss Toddler at the park picking flowers.

50 years old and can still peddle a bike.

Hubby Peddles away on Trevs bike!

Stormy days

Storms and lots of rain was the theme all the month of May

We welcomed a new granddaughter to our family . <3

table setI finally replaced my round table and folding chairs with this new to me set. Yay!

Memorial Day was celebrated with a small parade that passed by our front door.

So that is our month in a small nutshell. Tons of rain here in New England. I will be glad for warmer sunnier days!

Wild Maine Blueberry Sauce for National Pancake Day



Happy National Pancake day lets smother them in some homemade blueberry sauce! Yummy!

The pancakes we will be pouring our blueberry sauce over is Krusteaz brand we have used this product for years. They are simple just add water pancakes and they work for us. Homemade is way better but I choose the easy way out because my time is limited most days. These still have a nice taste and texture.  I’m not getting paid to tell you this Krusteaze could care less I’m telling you this LOL. I’m just telling you because in my real daily life this is what I use.

I’m not going to waste your time telling you how to make pancakes. I am going to skip right to my most favorite topper for those yummy pancakes.

Wild Maine Blueberry Sauce

Wild Maine, blueberries they are what I had on hand frozen. You can use blueberries from where ever they grow. You can use fresh. Or you can indeed use frozen it makes no difference at all.

This right here is my little pancake making partner who insisted she taste test these very blue blueberries.



Toddler Eating Wild Maine Blue Berries

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Child Eating Wild Maine Blueberries

Seems harmless enough right? I mean they are just blueberries. Yup Blue stains everywhere. My floors enjoyed them more so than her and her mouth and hands were blue for much of the day regardless of scrubbing.

So onto the recipe. Your needs are pretty basic.

3 cups of fresh or frozen blueberries

1 cup of cold water

1/2 a cup of white granulated sugar

1 1/2 TBS of corn starch dissolved in 2 TBSP cold water

1 teaspoon Vanilla

In a heavy sauce pan add your blueberries, water, and sugar over medium-high heat bring the mixture to a boil stirring occasionally. Once boiling add the dissolved cornstarch and vanilla. Then continue to boil and stir until thickened about two or three minutes. If the mixture thickens too much add 1 TBSP of water at a time until it is thinner. On the other hand, if you wish for a thicker sauce a teaspoon more cornstarch would help. It is simply preference. I thought it was perfect as it was.

Serve warm or cold over pancakes.

Better yet, if it’s not National Pancake Day serve it over a nice cold scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Either way, it tastes like heaven on earth.

Blueberry sauce on a stack of pancakes


How do you top your pancakes? Let us know in the comments below and if you liked this post be sure to subscribe to our blog.



Breaking The Ice

There was a lot of melting happening today and with the melting, icicles were falling off the roof. I have to tell you I was a bit afraid one of our Miniature Poodles would be hit or even killed by all this falling ice.

Maine Ice hanging from roof

So I went out and did what any loving dog Mama would do. I went right on out there and started throwing snowballs at them. This, of course, intrigued my 15-year-old son who wanted to know what his crazy Mom was up to. I am sure I looked rather funny out there in my pajamas throwing snowballs at the house. So he did what any good son would do.  He joined in.

Breaking The Ice

I cherish these moments with him. I know they are quickly slipping by. He is a sweet boy, with a laugh and a smile that bring joy into a somber room with ease. He reminds me in many ways of my “Dad”. He goes at life with this curiosity and excitement that makes you want to sit there with him and figure things out too.

So we hit all the dangerous crazy huge icicles. The dogs can now safely wander out and do their business.  I guess that sorta makes us heroes LOL.


As a side note, mid afternoon it was hardly cold out hence the t-shirt for in the moment play.


Giving Him My Heart

So I told how myself and hubby met in my post about The Proposal I am sure you wonder what the rest of that looks like and why he now has my heart for always.

2 weeks before we married
Two weeks before we married out in front of Jordan Marsh South Portland, Maine


Just Married
Just Married. We were smiling. Young and foolish there was so much hard work in front of us.


The First Month

Imagine talking to someone on a phone for two months. While you may “get to know them” what you do not get to know is their everyday habits, mannerisms, issues, shortfalls, what makes them really angry, happy,  or sad. In basic you do not know how to live with this person on a moment to moment basis. The first month was figuring out neither of us know how to cook. That he was a messy person and I suddenly was not. That he had an ex who for years to come would make it her mission to now not only see him miserable but, to try it with me as well. We had very little money, we lived in a room, and walked everywhere. It was a messy struggle and made for very hard lessons.

The First Year

We eventually, within months moved to a large rooming house in Lewiston, Maine. The building owner left my husband and me in charge of running it. The building was in disrepair and condemned. Three floors, twenty-one rooms that needed fixing. Together him, myself and three other people brought it from unlivable to inspected and approved by the city code enforcement. It was a challenge but, it to this day is what I believe it started to pulled us, two strangers, closer. It was here that I helped raise his daughter who was 18 months old almost full time and would continue to do so for the next 13 years. It was here I became pregnant with our first child together. A tiny baby girl. We bought our first car together and ate many meals at Denny’s. It was also here that I made him chase me across the united states when I left him. not once but twice. Look, I didn’t say this was a fairy tale. Things were rocky at the times but, they were also good as well. We would move many times over the course of the next ten years and I left many times over the course of these years.

Welcome our first baby together
I love this photo. The way he was looking at her … the way he looked at all eight of them everytime they were born. He so loves being a father. We were welcoming our first child from our marriage.


Our sweet newborn Chelsea. All 5 pounds six ounces of her.


Just under two years, two children. I won’t lie it was hard. and there would be seven more children almost yearly. It was hard but, I would not change it. They were and will always be blessings.


Ten Years

When I turned 26 ten years in and many children later I packed up and left for what I deemed at the time for good. So many children and other stressors put wear on both of us. I loved him but, we were often bitter towards one another. I like to look back at those times and really think about them. They were true learning and growing years. We were both young and foolish. Our priorities were often lost. My answer was too often leave. So we never fully worked through anything.  So after three months, I came back to him with a promise that I have kept for 16 years. No more leaving, we will work on things together as husband and wife through good and bad just as we had vowed to do on the day we married that from this time forward he fully had my heart and wanted his as well.

26 Years

Our Anniversary came and went this year without anything more than us exchanging the words “Happy Anniversary” to each other. The difference these days is that stuff is not needed. We are happy and secure together. There is no card or gift that could express how we feel for each other. We have walked through hell together and came out on the other side holding hands walking side by side; and will continue to do so. We have discovered the secret to marriage. You become a unit. This is not just about what makes me happy or him happy.  It is about what is best for us as a unit. That day 16 years ago is when we truly became married. He still has my heart and I have his. That is the way it was meant to be.
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Mama’s Losin’ It

Squirrel Named Charlie Visits Our Family In Maine

We have a squirrel (Actually it is possible there are three or more however, we just call them all Charlie. Keeping it simple.) that sticks around our yard that we have named Charlie.

Much to Little Miss Toddlers sheer delight he comes up onto the deck to visit and steal peanuts and put on a quick show for the shrieking child, whom honestly most likely scares him (them) out of his wits. “Charwee Giga Charwee! Giga look!” She looks forward to his visits each day. Today Little Miss Toddler is napping and Charlie the squirrel came to visit. He was eating from a bag of popcorn I had dropped when I had to untangle the poodles run for the millionth time. (I need to go grab that popcorn bag before poor Charlie is running about with a pop corn bag over his head!) So I grabbed my camera and got a picture of him finally. So adorable. We just love Charlie the Squirrel.

Charlie the squirrel eating popcorn