Small Thrift Store haul (Decor and Toys)

Thrift store shopping is a passion of mine. I just love a great deal!

One thing I had been noticing that my home sorely lacks is decorative type items. I am not a fussy person and I want my home to look, well, homey. I guess my style is frugal, Early American Yard Sale. Classy huh?

I love stopping in at the thrift stores to see what I can come up with. This time it was a stop at the Goodwill. Yes, I know all the stories about the CEOs being over paid and so forth. I shop there to save money. If it helps someone else even better. If it does not I was not going there for a charity any how. Just being honest.

So here is what I found.

Thrift store deal 1: Hanging Plant (fake) in a terracotta pot. $3.00

Hanging plant

A bit of dusting and shortening the hanging strings because of my tall guys and I think it looks great. I kill plants so this one is perfect.

Thrift store deal 2: A Little Sign for my Kitchen $1.00

I serve 3 meals frozen, microwave and takeout.

The little ribbon tucked behind it I am going to clip off it was a bit worn so I will replace it. But for cheap it was cute and slightly funny.

Now onto those toys. I did not have much luck this time it looks like they are down on their donations.

Thrift store deal 3: Lalaloopsy Cat $1.00

Lalaloopsy Pink cat with button on parts.

I do not even know if the Lalaloopsy brand is even very popular anymore but Little Miss is practicing her buttoning skills on this cat with it’s large buttons and large button holes. It can with extra ears, a couple different tails, a bow and crown. Pretty cute for just a dollar.

Thrift store deal 4: Discovery Kids Toy Laptop $1.00

Discovery Kids laptop toy thrift store find.

I happened to notice this and seeing it was a dollar decided to grab it because Little Miss has been taking more and more interest in my lap top. This one looks more real than another one she has.  I bought it untested  and came home to give it fresh batteries and it works like a charm. It’s from 2005, but it is metallic pink(The back side) , looks real and she thinks it is awesome!


So my grand total was $6.00

I also have a passion for shopping clearance like I did in this post Walmart Clearance Small Haul Clothes and Shoes

Have you been thrift shopping? What good deals have you found?

2 thoughts on “Small Thrift Store haul (Decor and Toys)

  1. Hi hi! Found you in Facebook group! I love thrift shopping! Why spend all that when you can get the same thing cheaper. I love the curtains in your kitchen! I love the idea of fake plants! Cause I have a bad habit of killing the real ones…its like a challenge.

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