About Me


About Me A-Z

A – Art: I like to draw and paint and when in the right mood I can do so pretty well.

B – Bread: Anyone who knows me knows the one thing I can bake and bake well is bread.

C – Children: I have 8 biological children with my husband and he has 3 from other relationships as well. We are raising one of our grandchildren. Of my eight Bio children, six are now adults.

D – Dogs: I have two miniature Poodles. Both are crazy little dogs. They are about eight years old.

E – Everyday: How often I talk to my mom and daughters on the phone.

F – Family: To me, my family is always first and foremost.

G – Games: I LOVE the new Electronic Monopoly, Scrabble, and cards (Mostly Rummy)

H – Homeschool: This is how we choose to educate our children. It works for us. If it doesn’t for you that is fine too 🙂

I – Ink: I have zero Tattoos and zero plans to get any. Nothing against them I have seen some beautiful art just not my personal thing.

J – Jennifer, Jenn, Jenny: Jennifer is the name I go by. Jenn is the name friends and people I love call me. Jenny is the name my mom calls me it was a childhood nick name I no longer use with the exception of my mom.

K – Kids: Mine are the light of my life. I enjoy being around them and they people they have and are becoming.

L – Love: My husband and I have been together for 26 years. I love him more with each passing year. He is my soul mate.

M – Mom: Becoming a mother was my dream. I never imagined having such a large family but feel extremely blessed by it.

N – Nails: Something I can not for the life of me grow! However, all my girls can grow beautiful nails.

O – Open: My door for my children as is my heart and arms.

P – Phone: How I met my husband. I left a personal ad on a telephone (Landline) and he answered it.

Q – Quiet: Something I use to think I wanted but now that things are quieter I have to run a TV to fill in silence.

R – Roses: The flower my husband always buys me. Either pink or deep red. My true favorite is Lilacs also his late mothers favorite.

S – Stores: If I am shopping you will find ma at Goodwill, Dollar Tree or Wal-mart. My three favorite! I LOVE to save money!

T – Toys: The thing I buy way too much of for the Toddler <3

U – Unusual: The fact the I can feel what others are feeling simply by walking into a room.

V – Vintage: Is that what I am now at 42 LOL?

W-  Want: My own house.

X – eXtractions: What I just had done to seven teeth. They were all back teeth and in horrible shape. No more pain best choice EVER! I have a terrible feel of the dentist.

Y – Yellow A color I never wear.

Z – Zapped: How I feel at the end of the day.



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