Pley Box Unboxing for July

Our pley box was given to use free of charge in exchange for our honest review. This post contains affiliate links. Should you order we get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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Guess what Simply Moms Readers!

Our Pley box just arrived and we are going to unbox it for you all!


Unboxing our very exciting Disney Princess Pley Box and how to get yours!


We are excited!

What Disney Princess will it be this month?

Our Disney Pley box just arrived and we are so excited!


“Oh guess who it is Giga!!!!”

Toddler takes a peel to see who is in her Disney Princess box.


“It’s Rapunzel! I can play with my castle with these and there are TWO horses!”

Rapunzel figurine set

Rapunzel’s magic wand and it lights up!

Rapunzel wand

She is very excited!

She is already casting spells!


Magic wand- already casting spells


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Look! She made Luck Dog appear! Amazing!

I made Lucky Dog Appear!

She seriously enjoys the water color paint set. Me too. These paint pens come preloaded with paint so it is way less messy. The colors are vibrant and flow really nice. As you can see in this post she loves to paint, mostly herself LOL.

Painting time with Rapunzel

If you loved our Disney Princess mystery box as much as we did click here to see how you can order a subscription for your little princess!


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