Parenting When I Just Want A Little More Sleep!

“Giga! Wake up I need to poop on your toilet.”

I crack one eye open and there is her little face right up in mine the sun is up the birds are chirping, it’s morning… dang why do I feel so unrested?

“GIGA! I need to POOP on YOUR toilet.”

My brain is so foggy but I am starting to come to and question her motives since she is still wearing her diaper and not yet really potty trained. So I ask her. “Why?”  (She is not potty trained she is potty learning.)

The howls ensure you just never ask why… and now I am wide awake sitting up. I slide out of bed coming face to face with the alarm clock. 5:30 am?I JUST went to bed. She grabs my hand dragging me through the house to the bathroom. Why are we going here again?

I pull her diaper off and set her on the toilet, excuse me  MY BIG toilet and I sit on the edge of the tub and I suddenly realize that I need to pee. There she is sitting there staring at something on the ceiling little toddler legs dangling. Now I REALLY need to pee. Oh my gosh why do we always get rentals with one bathroom?  So I open my big mouth. “Giga needs to pee are you almost done?” Mind you there has not been a single tinkle or stinky in the BIG toilet since she sat down 15 hours ago (Okay it was really three minutes but it felt like 15 hours.)

Gotta Pee GIF

“Giga it’s my turn. I am pooping in the big toilet”

I consider that maybe it would not be too weird or really too awfully gross to pee in the tub… Yeah, it would be REALLY weird and REALLY gross.  Then I would also have on my hands a peeing in the tub toddler for sure.  Um haha, no thanks. Dang my Bladder, I bet my eyes are turning yellow because my body is surely filling up with urine. Oh lord, she’s on the tenth verse of the Days of The Week song. Yes, kiddo it feels likes it’s been weeks and weeks.

Finally, she jumps down. “I did it!” She really didn’t do a single thing but that toilet was all mine!!! Sweet relief.

She informs me I am a good girl and she is so proud of me and flushes the toilet 6 times for good measure.

5:45 am

I try to lure her back to bed. Not happening. She thinks I am crazy. I am sooo tired. She is clearly not because she could get two minutes of sleep and then do a triathlon. I figure she slept for at least 8 1/2 hours so she should be charged up for the next month.

Why does she not know how wonderful sleep is?

Running down her morning list.

Milk in the purple cup with the pink cover. Check

Eggs quickly scrambled in the microwave because there is no way on Gods green earth I am turning on the stove this early. Check

Tablet. Check

Why do these Youtube kids she is watching sound so cheerful this early….

I flick on my computer and scan Facebook and come across this video. Gosh, I love this lady! Be sure to subscribe to her. 🙂

Little Miss hears me on the computer and wants me to read a book at her.

Nope, change of plans in a millisecond you know toddler speed.

Now we need to do the daily calendar (if you don’t know what that it is was part of our Five on Friday post.)

So we do. I change the date, the day and she wants me to change the letter? She has been saying this for the longest time and I am lost so I pick her up and tell her to point to the “letter” and she points to the WEATHER! Oh lord yes the weather magnets ha! I slide cloudy into the weather spot. I am so tired of cloudy days and I am *yawn* so tired. She kisses me and tells me I am a good girl. I feel like I just solved the puzzle to life at this point.

Oh, and I forgot to change the mood where is the sleepy looking smiley face, Hmmm there is none would the sad one work?  She senses my hesitation and is melting down my leg saying “The happy one! The happy one!” Of course right…the happy one.

Melissa and Doug please add sleepy

I am making coffee. Side thought I seriously gotta try making those Coffee Popsicles today I found online. She runs to get the cream. Then she is kissing and hugging me again. She is so happy, bubbly and sweet this morning. Why am I focusing on how tired I am and how I would rather be in bed?

I look down into her little adoring eyes and realize that this morning I GET to be up with this sweet little girl. I get too. That is pretty profound. Yes it is early, yes I am tired but, she loves me and is she is enjoying these moments, treasuring them. I get to have these times. I am pretty much the luckiest person alive. She is my lottery, the big win, my once in a life time my sweet Little Miss.

8:00 am

And now as I write this she is sleeping soundly on the couch making peaceful little snores hugging her tablet. #Blessed #NoSleepForMe

Parenting is about finding the joy, embracing things you didn't ask for and loving the moments that found you. Parenting Quote

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Love Jennifer




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