These are Just Five of My Favorite Things

This week I have once again linked up with Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop. I picked the prompt  ” List your five most recent favorite things.”

Number 1.

Alone Time

Yes, I love my family but I do, however, cherish my alone time to decompress and just be. Sometimes that means taking a walk, or perhaps time on the computer to browse or write, then there are the times that I like to just sit in a sunny spot and just be.  I am by nature a loner.

Alone Time For Moms is Important

Number 2.


I won’t even lie food is very high on my list. Even better food I do not have to cook or wash dishes after consuming. I love going out to eat To bad it is so costly to dine out because I would do it every single day. I know horrible.


Number 3.


The smell of coffee is the smell of home. No matter where I am that smell makes me think of my husband and all we have built together. Sitting down for morning coffee is something we have done together for twenty-six years.


Number 4.


Sorry winter you are too cold and nasty, Summer you are just too hot and Spring well you’re okay but I really do not like the mud. What I do like is fall. The nice cool crisp air, changing colors, pumpkin flavored everything. It is the start to the holiday season which brings family together…speaking of the family….


Number 5.

My All Time Favorite My Family.

Not that this is even close to all of them but, I adore them all. These people make each and every single day better. I may not have tons of money but the people I call family, they are my true treasures. I am blessed.


Mama’s Losin’ It
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4 thoughts on “These are Just Five of My Favorite Things

  1. Great list! I can totally relate to the alone time. And if I had to pick the people I would most like to spend time with when I’m not alone, it would be my family, for sure!

  2. I am an introvert through and through so alone time is so needed to recharge my batteries. I completely relate to that!
    While I grew up with a family of 5, I do love them. We got along so much better once we all grew up and moved out! Plus my extended family – my husband’s – is not too shabby either.
    I am Canadian and winter, ugh, girl, it’s overrated. I will take on any other season other than winter. Fall is beautiful. Summer is my thing though.
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