In Sickness and Health

1. Something I learned in March.

Well since getting sick three weeks ago with Bronchitis I have learned that my biggest fear in life is not being able to breathe. In fact, it gives me full blown panic attacks. Pretty sure this is the worst I have ever in my life had it. I keep waking up gasping for air. So, lucky me sleep has been super nonexisting.  To make this all the more fun…every single last member of my family has it including my two adult sons who live upstairs.


2. Yesterday I forgot to…

Call my Mom, she’s been worried about all of us.  Well, I didn’t really forget I guess my voice keeps going in and out. I try to be a good daughter.  🙂

3. Today I will…

Make that call to my mom.



Drag more laundry upstairs to my sons because my three-month-old washer broke. Gotta love that Whirlpool Cabrio. We are at week one of waiting for a part and counting. Nice timing with us all being sick.

Wash the floor while hacking up a lung. Sounds about as fun as dragging clothes up the stairs while… you got it hacking up and lung.

Rest my voice the best I can.

4. List the things you would add to your garden if you had a garden.

Carrots, potatoes, corn, peas, green beans, tomatoes, swiss chard, sunflowers, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins, and squash. That would be a dream garden because I can’t seem to grow a thing. Aww this all sounds so Spring like and healthy. Mind you we still have snow on the ground here in Maine. In fact THIS was April 1st. It was a joke all right. Just what we needed more snow.

April Fools snow storm in Maine

Love Jennifer

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14 thoughts on “In Sickness and Health

  1. Your snow is beautiful! I’m sorry it keeps messing up your gardening plans, though. We keep having horrific thunderstorms and tornadoes down south of you. It’ll be great when spring and summer settle the weird weather patterns down. Maybe then we can all get well!!

    • This last storm was a bummer real wet stuff but it melted pretty fast so that was a plus. I am going to try a small garden plot this summer and see how it goes.maybe I will get some nice big weeds ha ha.

  2. Apparently everyone loves sunflowers!

    I was sick with bronchitis from the end of January into March and still have residual cough. On top of the antibiotics and steroids the doctors prescribe, I suggest Mucinex 12-hour in the morning and Benadryl at night before bed. It worked wonders for me.

  3. Laura Greene says:

    i feel you, it is the worst to be sick when everybody is, because then you have to do everything and they can just be lazy or w/e. Glad you are good now.

  4. Laura Greene says:

    i feel you, it is the worst to be sick when everybody is, because then you have to do everything and they can just be lazy or w/e.

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