If You Give The Toddler A Sippy Cup of Milk

If you give a toddler a sippy cup of milk chances are she will want Ovaltine in it.

That will quickly remind her that she also needs ice cubes in it. Three of them. She will then scream on the floor because you put the cover on the cup and she hates the cover on the cup. You remind her that without the cover her drink will spill… That reminds her that last week when she painted and it spilled.

So she yells loudly that she wants her paint. You tell her that the paint is gone because it spilled all over her hands. When you remind her of her hands and the spilled paint she decides that her hands are now dirty must be washed. So you pull a stool up to the sink and she splashes water from one end of the kitchen to the other all while asking for more soap.

When you grab a towel to wipe up your kitchen that is now practically a pool and the head to toe wet toddler. She insists she must have a bath because towels are for baths and you clearly have a towel.  As you fill the tub she is reminded of the time when the water was blue. So she howls for a blue tub, a beautiful, pretty BLUE tub.

As you look through the cabinet for blue coloring and can only come up with a packet of blue Kool-Aid in desperation to make blue water. This reminds the toddler she is thirsty and would like a sippy cup of milk.

Sweet Bella has hit that two-year-old stage of figuring out what she can control. Some days she is really like a little tornado flitting from one demand  great idea to the next that must be done in her just so way.  Her frustration mounts when no in fact she can not have everything her little heart desires or just the exact way she wants it. We work hard not to crush her high spirit by often redirecting her to better ideas,  and keeping a loose schedule.
We also provide a safe environment for her when we are not constantly having to say no.  It really helps to smooth our day out when I know she can play and not face any huge dangers due to high spirit and awesome curiosity that can quickly lead her to trouble if it is not a toddler proofed area.
That is not to say that we don’t let her explore and learn in other areas but we are teaching her limits in small doses.
It also has helped to allow her to play supervised with messy hands on activities or active activities.
  • Coloring
  • Painting
  • Drawing with a pen (Because her Papa does that)
  • Tearing paper
  • Making paper balls and tossing them in a basket.
  • Play doh
  • A bin of water and cups
  • A bin of rice and measuring cups
  • Cut up paper towel rolls (Into rings) to thread onto yarn
  • Hiding a toy for her to find
  • Caulk on her easel or out side on the deck or side walk
  • Playing in the snow
  • A spray bottle with colored water to spray paint the snow.
  • A place such as a trampoline to jump and bounce.
  • Rolling a ball inside
  • Indoor bowling with two liter soda bottles (Remove the small caps) as the pins.
  • Sheets of colored paper to skip, jump, walk or run to the color an adult calls out that are placed around a room.
  • Helping to make a treat that involves mixing, pouring and of course eating.
  • A place to climb safely even just couch cushions stacked.
  • An indoor obstacle course.
  • Making forts
These things keep her entertained and engaged for long periods of time and help focus her high energy. How ever most require supervision.
Do you have a high energy toddler? What have you done that did or didn’t work with discipline for them?


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