Good Bye Old Bucksport House

  To some people, it was just an old run down house that maybe should have been torn down decades ago.

As the owner did not put much care into it. We were simply renters. However, to us, it was a home. For nine years we built our life there. We raised our eight children there. Fixing things and basically acting as homeowners because the owner didn’t want to put work into it. landlords we encountered as a large family really did not want to rent to us. So we made do.

It was home to us. A week ago it was torn down and it was really time. It still makes me sad, though. We have not lived there for four years but my memories of that home are vivid as if it were yesterday.

Old Bucksport Kitchen

The Kitchen

I made so many loaves of bread in this old kitchen. How many bare muddy feet tracked across the floor. The kids were always bringing me in frogs and toads to see as I washed dishes. I remember the Easter my son was coloring eggs at the table and managed to fall and bang his mouth putting his teeth through his lip. We did our first amount of homeschooling right there at that table. We have cried, laughed, yelled, celebrated and mourned right there. It was home.

The Girls Room

The Girls Room

My oldest had her first broken heart right here in this room. They also chopped the hair off every Barbie her younger sister owned together. They fought, the plotted how to get out of school, they played with our many pets, they laughed.They declared they wanted their own rooms and eventually that happened. Then one day my oldest moved out. She literally grew out and away from this home. She did most of her growing up here. It was home.

Flooded Maine Basement

The Problems

It was a home with problems. The basement would flood in the Spring. You are looking at about 4 feet of water. Where there was flooding; the furnace stopped working. In came the wood stove. A terrible heat source for a 6 bedroom home. The roof in the laundry room leaked and leaked badly. So bad in fact we had to bring the machines into the kitchen. Then septic stopped working. The landlord did fix that thankfully!  The pipes would freeze at least once a week during the winter months. Many rooms were rendered to cold to even use. We were always happy when spring showed up. We endured because it was home.

Boys Room

The Boys Room

We endured because of times like this. We were together and we had a roof over our heads and sadly that is more than a lot of people have or could even dream of.  These boys played games of late night Clue right here on this floor. They wrestled, and romped and raised holy hell. I remember the Day when my littlest son was jumping on the bed and feel into the window thankfully coming out of it with only a scratch.  I remember Christmases when I would sneak around taking pictures of them pretending to sleep. It was home.

The Living Room

It was the room where we all came together to share TV, snacks, and some time on the floor to play. It was home.

So when the community looks at that spot where that old run down eye sore was. Remember. We made our life there. Our memories. To us, it was and always will be home.

Good-bye house and thank you.

2 thoughts on “Good Bye Old Bucksport House

    • It was much larger than what I had time to show on here. I do miss many things about that old place. However we are happy to have a place with good heating and so fourth. My parents live next door to it and sent photos of its removal. Thank you for stopping in.

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