Five Friday Favorites

One: Pley Boxes

Watch for the unboxing photos this week. This little box contains so much fun, Disney princess theme! Every other month features a different princess What princess do you think it featured this month?

Pley Box

Two: Krups Coffee Maker

We recently purchased a Kitchen Aid Coffee maker I was not a fan. Don’t get me wrong I love most of their other stuff, however, this coffee maker would leak when you poured it. Just a design flaw it because it did make good coffee. That is now gone and this one , the Krups is awesome!!! Hot coffee, really fast brew and best of all no coffee covered counters.Did I mention it makes coffee super fast!

Three: Kids After Bite

We live in Maine. The bugs suck like really suck. Even with bug spray, they seem to figure out how to have a taste. Little Miss suddenly realized bites itch. So before she scratches the random bite here and there into an infected mess we stop the itches in its tracks with this. It WORKS! I know because I use it on myself.  I bought the kids formula simply because I figured it would be made more gentle.

Four: Melissa & Doug My Daily Calendar

We now use this daily. At this point, it is Little Miss’s favorite daily activity.  I see some flaws in it missing certain events with no way to add them, it is also missing certain weather aspects like windy, or even certain storms. Overall the quality is nice as are most things of this brand.


Five: My Life Dolls (Walmart version of American Girl Doll)

Little Miss is almost three.  Though I know American Girl dolls are a great quality toy I wanted to wait until she is a bit older invest in such an expensive doll. I had seen Targets version of AG dolls and honestly, there are issues with the hair becoming matted in the reviews. I am sorry but even for $30, I don’t want to pay for something that will end up looking like trash. When we were at Wal-mart I noticed their version was clearance is under $15. I figured what the heck. We got her home and unboxed her. My only issue was her hair on two sides was sewn into the plastic packaging. But it is silky smooth. Honestly, even at 27 dollars, the doll is really nice quality at under $15 she is a steal. Peoples only complaint was she does not sit. It’s not an issue for us. She is a new favorite here. Little Miss named her Annabelle.

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5 thoughts on “Five Friday Favorites

    • We got ours from Staples it was Almost $20.00. Once in a while, they go on sale there. Little Miss Is three and adores it and everyone in the house uses it to know the date.

  1. I like that calendar. And the Way Mart version of the American Girl doll is really cute. My husband tried to bring the AG catalog in the house and it promptly disappeared, lol.

    • AG is just too expensive for such young little girls. Little Miss is three she has no idea the difference. Even if her hair mats a bit of water and liquid softener will fix it quick.

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