My Easy Peasy Morning Cleaning Routine.

I am a person of habit. There are some things I almost never stray from and my morning cleaning routine is one of them because as an adult with adult ADHD routine helps me stay focused and on task. My cleaning schedule takes me less than an hour each morning. Partly because I clean a bit before I go to bed so nothing builds up too much. This is not a deep cleaning schedule just a simple daily work through.

Choose simple effective tools for your cleaning routine.

My Tools of The Trade

  • Laundry basket or any large size basket
  • Broom, dustpan, vacuum, and mop
  • Cleaning Rags
  • Some sort of multi-purpose cleaner


My Personal Secrets

A very long time ago a good friend asked me how I keep my home so clean with all my children running around and to share my secrets. So today I will share some of them with you.

  • The laundry basket is key. As I clean each room I fill the basket with things that need to go in other rooms. That way there is no running from room to room and getting off track.
  • Always leave a room better than when you walked in. If I enter a room I straighten up a bit up or put things in their place.
  • Clutter makes it harder to clean I keep my flat surfaces pretty clear of nick knacks, junk, stray items and even small appliances.
  • Everything should have a home.  If something is out of place you should easily know where it goes.
  • Don’t let things build up clean spills as they happen and pick up as you go.

A cleaning routine is an important part of maintaining your home.

How I do it.

Have a routine do that routine until you can do it in your sleep. Below is mine. Feel free to do it the same tweak it or laugh and run.

  1. I love coffee and it is pretty much the way I start my day. That works out because while it is brewing I clean the dishes. I either hand wash them or load and start the dishwasher. If there is the time I toss in a load of wash.
  2. Once my coffee is done I check emails while I drink it or make a phone call or two.
  3. I clean off the counter, table and any toys Little Miss has scattered around the kitchen and place things that need to be put away in my basket.
  4. Flat surfaces get sprayed down as well as the surfaces in the bathroom with multi surface spray cleaner and I WALK  AWAY.
  5. The kitchen gets swept then the bathroom.
  6. The sprayed surfaces get wiped. and the toilet quickly swished most of the time I just spray on my surface cleaner.
  7. In the living room with my handy basket, I toss in misplaced items and Vacuum and quickly dust with a slightly damp cleaning cloth.
  8. Bedrooms are next and these days the boys do their own. I make the beds, sweep, toss items in my basket and put found ones away. Then I vacuum and make the beds (If my husband is already up I make it as I get out of it.) and dust surfaces with a slightly damp cloth.
  9. Last I mop. I have a shark steam mop and it makes for quick mopping. I love it!

Through out the rest of the day, I pick up as needed.

How to clean faster and better. Simple tips for a cleaning routine you can do each morning in under an hour!

Just a few more words on cleaning.

There are a few things I want to say.

One pick tools that are simple and help you clean quicker. My steam mop is an example of that. I simply fill it with water heat it up and go. Super easy. No messy mop or heavy water buckets to drag around.

So, to say the least, I’m not a fan of paper towels so I recycle old towels into cleaning rags. I find they add that scrubbiness that paper towels lack any how.

I do not do clutter. Clutter slows down the cleaning process. I keep the stuff on my surfaces to a minimum on purpose. Yes, I said that above but it bears repeating. If you are moving all these little things to clean you are wasting valuable time.


My routine works for me and I hope it gives you an idea or two.

What is your cleaning Routine like? We would LOVE to hear your tips as well!

Love Jennifer


9 thoughts on “My Easy Peasy Morning Cleaning Routine.

  1. These are great tips! I’m super impressed with how much you get done just while the coffee is brewing! You remind me a lot of my mom! She loves a tidy house and has her own process, as well! 🙂

  2. I like your routine and love that you try not to use paper towels! I try using rags when I can, but unfortunately it doesn’t work out well with all the pet hair in our house. The mornings are the only time I can get any sort of cleaning done, because that’s the only time my toddler will occupy herself for a little while. In that time I vacuum and unload/reload the dishwasher and pick up a few things.

    • Yes, having a three year old in the house can often slow things down. Lucky for me we have worked out a pretty good morning routine.

      We have dogs but they are poodles and the shedding is extremely minimal.

  3. My kids help as well. I never mentioned their rooms with the exception of Little Miss’s (The boys because that is something they have to do them selves) my big boys are older they mow, do trash and other bigger jobs I would rather not fuss with.

    Dusting for me is rather simple for daily, I have little clutter and I run a barely damp microfiber cloth over everything really fast.I always do it after sweeping and vacuuming so the dust can settle and it gets wiped up. On one day a week, I use polish on things that need it. I think just doing it real fast each day really helps with minimal effort.

  4. This is lovely and helpful. Thank you for posting it.

    On Monday through Thursday, I focus on the vital stuff: tidying, dishes, laundry, kitchen surfaces. I don’t have a set order for this, though I often do laundry while preparing breakfast.

    Saturday is when I declutter, and Monday is when I do other housework, in a rotating schedule. But my housework schedule is definitely a work in progress. 🙂

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