How to Clean Up Flour Beetles & Weevils After They Make Your Cabinets a Home

Have you ever opened a box of rice or other grain only to discover little bugs inside of it? Flour Beetles, Weevils, Cabinet Beetles, Cigarette Beetles, Almond Moth, and Indian Meal Moths just to name a few.

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Oh my gosh! So Gross!

Flour Beetle
Flour Beetle

I have had it happen more than once it is a common issue. Below are the steps I use to get rid of them nasty little pests for the long-haul.

Start Tossing.

Toss It
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Anything you think is or may be infested get rid of it. If you are unsure throw it away. Because one item of infested food and you will be starting over and in the end throwing away even more items.  Put them in the trash outside of your home.

Empty Your Cabinets and the Counter.

Food Cabinets
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Once everything is cleared vacuum the surfaces paying close attention to the cracks and crevices. If you have shelf liner remove it and toss that out. Make sure you vacuum up any and all spilled foods as well.

Give It All A Really Good Wash.

hot soapy water
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Hot soapy water is going to be your friend here. Scrub everything really really well. Wash every surface that your food lives on or near. Let it dry and replace with uninfested food.

Give Your Grains a Good Shiver Party.

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An elderly friend always kept her flour in the freezer and I could never figure it out. Here is the scoop. Your grains almost always contains a few larvae or eggs.  I know it is nasty putting them in the freezer for a few hours kills off the growth cycle. Keeping them frozen even better but no one really has room for that.

Keep It Clean

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If something spills wipe it up right away. Make it a habit to pull things down and wipe them down. Also, it is good practice to eat older foods first. Opened bags of grains should be poured into airtight containers.

Shoo Them Away

Some people swear by the idea of whole bay leaves placed in the cabinet as a deterrent. I remember my grandmother doing this.

There are also non-toxic traps you can purchase just for this purpose.
Such as these ones you can purchase on Amazon.

Pantry Patrol-set of 2 Traps


Have you dealt with these nasty little critters? How do you keep them at bay?

Love Jennifer

How to get rid of weevils or Flour beetles that have made homes in the food in your pantry.

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