Chores and how to Successfully get the Children to Help

It often gets asked on the Simply Moms facebook Group how do you get your children to do chores? How much do you pay them to help out? Why won’t my kids clean their room and messes?

Having personally been through many stages of parenting. I have raised that child who does not want to lift a finger, the one who cleans everything in sight because they have OCD tendencies and all those in between.

Chores and getting children to help.

I have been successful however in getting every child in my home to help out right down to Little Miss Toddler.

  1. Start when they are very young. 

    While a two-year-old will not have anywhere near the skills of your six or twelve-year-olds they can still help out with small age appropriate jobs and they should. This starts a firm foundation for life of understanding the value of being part of the family unit.

  2. We do not pay for chores.

    No-one pays mom to wash everyone’s dishes or wash clothes that everyone wore. We do not pay children for daily chores they are simply part of being a family and always have been. That has been our rule from day one. We pay with thank yous and I love yous.

  3. There are no assigned chores.

    We do things as they need to be done. Some days my son doesn’t mind dealing with the trash and other days he would rather go out and snow blow.  I tend to just call on the children as things need to be done so they are not stuck doing the same thing day after day.  It keeps the monotony at bay.

  4. Together is always more fun.

    If the yard needs cleaning you will find most of our family out there together cleaning. Even small things like dishes or cleaning a room are always more fun with help. Like the old saying, many hands make for light work.

  5. Make a game of it.

    Often times I will set a timer and we will race to see who can do the most. Or have a little one Play basketball with laundry that needs to be tossed in a hamper. We even incorporate learning with Little Miss Toddler such as asking her to pick up all the green blocks or pick up all the round toys.

  6. Give the whole family a reward for those big jobs.

    When the barn needing cleaning at the end of the weekend we all had a big cookout to celebrate. It’s not the same as a set allowance per chore it is more a celebration of coming together and working hard.

  7. Hold that Wifi!

    For the older children who love their computer time and such, we simply shut down the Wi-fi until things are done. Even as an adult I find it easier to get things done if I am no longer “connected”. It is a great incentive to get things done.

  8. Keep the rules simple.

    I have always taught my children you use it you put it away. You drop it you pick it up. It keeps it simple and them accountable for themselves.

  9. Cut down on things.

    As a family, we have cut way back on the clutter in our lives. It makes it far more easy to clean not only for myself but for the children to help out as well.

  10. Have a place for everything.

    If your children know where things go it will make helping with chores and be cleaning up after themselves much easier for you and them. When I need my can opener I know just where to look. Because everyone in the family knows where to put it after it has been used. A place for everything and everything in its place.

How do you get your children to help with chores? 

Be sure to stop by our parenting group for more on this topic from moms like you!

Love Jennifer


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8 thoughts on “Chores and how to Successfully get the Children to Help

  1. Love, love, love these! We are really just getting into the thick of things with chores with a 7, 4, 2. The older two are getting so much more capable. We always try to keep things positive, commenting on what they are doing right versus saying what they are doing wrong.

    • I noticed you also have a two-year-old. This is a wonderful time to start that was one mistake with my other littles we did not start chores early on. I can see a difference this time around. 🙂 While I peeled potatoes last night she put them in a small trash bag. She did a great job. 🙂

  2. I love this. It’s so hard to get my son that has special needs to do his chores. After reading your post I think I’m going to try instead of assigning everyone chores to let’s do chores together as a family with a board that has a to do list on it.

  3. Great tips. My little one will be 2 very soon and she helps me with lots of small things like tidying up after diaper change (she takes her own diaper to the trash – she’ll scream murder if you take it from her), if i have a cuppa she’ll take my mug away when i’m finished, she fills up mummy’s water bottle and makes sure we have it with us everywhere coz mummy drinks water. Little things like that make me happy she likes to help.

    • The two year olds are sticklers for routine and what they consider to be “the right way” Little Miss Toddler is two as well and just loves to help . They can do a lot more than one would think as far as small jobs. Little Miss Toddler likes to help pick up trash, clothes and toys and is starting to attempt to even make her own bed. They are pretty amazing little people.

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