Squirrel Named Charlie Visits Our Family In Maine

We have a squirrel (Actually it is possible there are three or more however, we just call them all Charlie. Keeping it simple.) that sticks around our yard that we have named Charlie.

Much to Little Miss Toddlers sheer delight he comes up onto the deck to visit and steal peanuts and put on a quick show for the shrieking child, whom honestly most likely scares him (them) out of his wits. “Charwee Giga Charwee! Giga look!” She looks forward to his visits each day. Today Little Miss Toddler is napping and Charlie the squirrel came to visit. He was eating from a bag of popcorn I had dropped when I had to untangle the poodles run for the millionth time. (I need to go grab that popcorn bag before poor Charlie is running about with a pop corn bag over his head!) So I grabbed my camera and got a picture of him finally. So adorable. We just love Charlie the Squirrel.

Charlie the squirrel eating popcorn

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