Mother’s Day Wish List My Top Five Picks

Mother’s Day is coming right up and what mom doesn’t have a wish list? Truly just having a visit from my adult kiddos and spending the day with family will make me more than happy but a girl can dream and wish and maybe at some point I will treat myself ūüėČ

Truly just having a visit from my adult kiddos and spending the day with the family will make me more than happy but a girl can dream and wish and maybe at some point I will treat myself ūüėČ Not that I will not be spoiled but you know they all have their own great ideas.

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Bath Bombs

These were reviewed on another blog I frequent and I have wanted to try them ever since. I love to take a nice long, hot, uninterrupted bath after Little Miss Toddler goes to bed. These would make it a million times even better. Do you not agree?

Love You, Mom Necklace

If there is one thing I have done in my life that makes me proud it has been being a mom to my kids. Someday maybe I will get a necklace like this. Hmmm, I wonder if my kids read my blog LOL?

Corelle Dinnerware Set

I saw this set and it is so the kind of thing I love. It reminds me of a child’s¬†drawing. Very soft, ¬†pretty and creative.

EpicBlog Planner

I am a Mommy Blogger. Another blogger told me this is the planner to have. So, yes! I want this planner.

Wife. Mom. Boss. T-shirt

This should have been on top. ¬†Ask anyone that knows me, this is my¬†shirt.¬†ūüėČ

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Love Jennifer


I am posting along with one of my favorite link ups Five On Friday.

Five on Friday Link Up

In Sickness and Health

1. Something I learned in March.

Well since getting sick three weeks ago with Bronchitis I have learned that my biggest fear in life is not being able to breathe. In fact, it gives me full blown panic attacks. Pretty sure this is the worst I have ever in my life had it. I keep waking up gasping for air. So, lucky me sleep has been super nonexisting. ¬†To make this all the more fun…every single last member of my family has it including my two adult sons who live upstairs.


2. Yesterday I forgot to…

Call my Mom, she’s been worried about all of us. ¬†Well, I didn’t really forget I guess my voice keeps going in and out. I try to be a good daughter. ¬†ūüôā

3. Today I will…

Make that call to my mom.



Drag more laundry upstairs to my sons because my three-month-old washer broke. Gotta love that Whirlpool Cabrio. We are at week one of waiting for a part and counting. Nice timing with us all being sick.

Wash the floor while hacking up a lung. Sounds about as fun as dragging clothes up the stairs while… you got it hacking up and lung.

Rest my voice the best I can.

4. List the things you would add to your garden if you had a garden.

Carrots, potatoes, corn, peas, green beans, tomatoes, swiss chard, sunflowers, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins, and squash. That would be a dream garden because I can’t seem to grow a thing. Aww this all sounds so Spring like and healthy. Mind you we still have snow on the ground here in Maine. In fact THIS was April 1st. It was a joke all right. Just what we needed more snow.

April Fools snow storm in Maine

Love Jennifer

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Fabulous Five Friday Favorites

We are taking part in  5 on Fridays link up.

So once again it is Saturday and I am late in linking up. I guess I dance to the beat of my own drum or I simply need to schedule better. I am thinking it is the latter.

1. My Internet Friend’s Mom Blog

If you have a few moments go over there and read She is a sweet, southern, down to earth, God loving, Mama of three andI think what I love the most about her blog is her sense of honesty about herself and her parenting. Her sense of humor, love, and devotion are at the top of my list too.

Adventures of a Proverbs 31 Mommy

2.  Making Our Own Play Dough

Little Miss Toddler Loved it as did I. I was surprised by how quickly it all came together. It is super soft, smooth and smells so nice. ¬†I was also surprised by how quickly Little Miss Toddler got it all over her room when I had to use the ladies room, Clean up with her help was pretty easy, though. So no harm no foul. There is something about play dough squishing between your fingers that brings you back to your own childhood. This was a favorite activity for both of us thing week. Oh, and it is¬†taste¬†test friendly for toddlers if you skip the sparkles though I doubt it tastes to great. ūüėČ

Would you like to make some?

Jello Play Dough The Softest, Best Smelling, Dough Made With Jello and a Touch Of Sparkle.

Green play dough


3.  Coconut Creme by Coffee Mate

My daughter has been going on and on about this and I finally gave it a try and guess what…. I LOVE it! Absolutely¬†yummy and a bit different¬†from my normal Mocha Peppermint or the like. Pretty sure this one will be my go to unless something better comes along you know like Pumpkin Spice in October ūüėČ

Coffee Mate Coconut Cre`me


4. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

This winter has been terrible on my skin. The typical lotion seems to make matters worse long term. I still can not figure that one out other than the fact that most of them contain alcohol. Perhaps that is part of the issue? Everyone sings the praised of coconut oil so I jumped on that bandwagon. Guess what. It works. It works for dry skin, frizzy hair, chapped lips, diaper rashes and I am sure a whole lot of other things I have yet to dream up.

Cold pressed coconut oil uses

5. Quiet Mode On the House Phone

Quiet mode on the home phone is one of my very favorite things these days. We have a huge family and with my phone constantly ringing I often need to shut it off so Little Miss Toddler can nap or stay in bed undisturbed¬†by the phone ringing at all hours of the night. I also like it to carve out some peace and quiet during my day when my head just needs a rest and I don’t want to be connected to everyone and just need to get stuff done.

quiet mode on at&t phone

What have your favorites been this week? Be sure to share them in the comments below.

Love Jennifer

Five on Friday Link Up

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

However, you celebrate enjoy the day we want to wish you Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Simply Moms.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Five On Friday (Link Up)

This post was inspired by the Five on Friday Link up.


Last night we decided to go out to dinner with the kids at the Home Town Buffet and roam around the Maine¬†Mall for a bit of time after my hubby got home from work after eating we ended up over¬†at best buy. I decided to break away ad go admire cameras. (A girl can dream, right?) ¬†Because at tax time we decided to forgo the camera we had picked so I could have a new computer. Hubby walked up behind me and says “That’s a nice camera. Is that the one you want?” I told him at some point I would like it. He picks it up and buys it…Along with a camera¬†bag, new rechargeable batteries, and a bag. So my number one is how blessed I feel by my husband’s gift. There were things he needed that he put aside for me.

Sony  DSC - H300


Friday visits from my little Grandson and his daddy are always a great ending to my weekdays. Watching my son interact with his son is heartwarming to me.

son and father


I have a great little playmate in Little Miss Toddler. My girls never liked Barbies and she adores those Barbies! My cute little excuse to get down and play with them and of course her! Just look at that smile!

toddler and barbies



Finally, the two plus feet of snow is starting to disappear from my yard and I am not complaining in the least. I am ready for kiddie pools, popsicles, sunglasses, tall cold glasses of sweet tea and sunshiny days. I am even excited to start the spring yard clean up.

Spring is Coming


This week I happened to get my box from Pinch Me. It’s nice to get something in the mail besides bills. New FREE body wash is a pretty cool sample and Lucky Old Boy will enjoy his wet dog food treat. I do not have any affiliation with and have not been asked to post this I am simply sharing with you something I enjoy. ¬†So if you love freebies Pinch Me is a pretty cool site.


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Send Junk Food! Uggg! Crazy Period Woman at Large!

Mad Period Woman

Uggg! Whose big idea was it to buy healthy foods anyhow? What?!?! Me??? What was I thinking? Where are the chips? The cookies? The SODA!!!!! ¬†Are you serious there is not chocolate up in this place? I must have been shopping for my healthy alter ego. Someone come drop off a bag of chips and a twelve pack of Coke and some chocolate¬†bars. I’ll just much on this lettuce while I wait for you …


#CrazyPeriodWoman #WomanIssues #GirlProblems

The Word Friendly and Why I Had Stopped Blogging

I joined up Mama Kat’s Writing’s Workshop about a month or so ago. When I joined I was writing pretty regular and getting to know some of the pretty friendly people that also blog and join her link up. ¬†I have known what the prompts were this week for a while now and just keep drawing a blank. Even still as I sit here my mind is just totally frozen. In fact, I have barely¬†blogged at all. But I picked a prompt¬†the word friendly.

So, really no blogs from me this week.



Because of life. Life just threw up all over me and I have not been feeling friendly, happy or like blogging at all.

I have been filling my mind with things like playing Ring Around The Rosie with little Miss Toddler. I sing she sings she holds my hands while jumping wildly on my bed and then we all fall down just so I can hear her laugh. Her laugh that makes everything right in this sometimes very, very messy unfriendly world.

I have been cleaning in a circle like I often do when I am stressed because my ADHD like symptoms show up uninvited when my world brings me for a ride that leaves me hanging on by a thread. This really mean the house is cleaned sub-par for my mind is hyper-focused on other things. So many things get started and left while I trail off to the next.

I wouldn’t call it depression. Maybe frustration that there are certain things in life that I can not fix. Or that nagging feeling I get that tells my mind something is off in life or coming at me and it eats away at me until it finally happens. By the time it happens, I am relieved in one aspect¬†it did, it’s over and now it is about just getting back up and dusting myself off. Righting all those wrongs.

I have decided though it is time to just breath. Let things be and get back to being friendly, and doing the things that make my life have more joy and stop letting life sit so heavy¬†on my shoulders for a while. Breath in … breath out. Ahhh much better already… right?


So while this is a lame blog post it is the start of pulling my boots back on by the straps. Therapeutic¬†perhaps? ūüôā


Tell me, when life does you wrong how do you bounce back?

And I will leave you with some happy moments from my week in case you have been missing our photos.


Boxes are a great place to sit for a toddler

Box with a Toddler in it
Little Miss Toddler playing Tablet in her box.


Turkey for dinner because it is a comfort food and man does my oven need a cleaning. Yup real life.


Then go on over to Mama Kat’s Writer’s ¬†Workshop and link up with those fine friendly people that make me smile each week. ūüôā



Mama’s Losin’ It

To Be A Mother In The Not So Beautiful Moments.

As mothers, we often witness things in our own children that we disapprove of. They are human as are we. I have always told my children I may not love all the things that you do or the choices that you make but I will always love you.


The real test comes however when they make some really large choices that affect every person around them. What do you do then when perhaps they have not only altered their life but, perhaps in some way yours as well. What do you do at that moment in time?

I will tell you.

You will love them even more. You will be their safe place. You will not falter or crumble. You will not walk away from them with your eyes averted from disapproving stares from strangers or your social circle. You will love them.

One of my hardest journeys has been to support things that are not my wish, will, choice or way.  I have stood tall and firm with truth, and justice for those without choice. But I have also picked up a million pieces of broken heart, dreams and ideas and willfully handed them back to their rightful owner over and over again with as much love and care as I could muster knowing they may keep repeating their own history.

My children are not perfect. I am not perfect. It is a hard pill to swallow.

But, in every moment I love them for I am their mother.

These are Just Five of My Favorite Things

This week I have once again linked up with Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop. I picked the prompt ¬†”¬†List your five most recent favorite things.”

Number 1.

Alone Time

Yes, I love my family but I do, however, cherish my alone time to decompress and just be. Sometimes that means taking a walk, or perhaps time on the computer to browse or write, then there are the times that I like to just sit in a sunny spot and just be.  I am by nature a loner.

Alone Time For Moms is Important

Number 2.


I won’t even lie food is very high on my list. Even better food I do not have to cook or wash dishes after consuming. I love going out to eat To bad it is so costly to dine out because I would do it every single day. I know horrible.


Number 3.


The smell of coffee is the smell of home. No matter where I am that smell makes me think of my husband and all we have built together. Sitting down for morning coffee is something we have done together for twenty-six years.


Number 4.


Sorry winter you are too cold and nasty, Summer you are just too hot and Spring well you’re okay but I really do not like the mud. What I do like is fall. The nice cool crisp air, changing colors, pumpkin flavored everything. It is the start to the holiday season which brings family together…speaking of the family….


Number 5.

My All Time Favorite My Family.

Not that this is even close to all of them but, I adore them all. These people make each and every single day better. I may not have tons of money but the people I call family, they are my true treasures. I am blessed.


Mama’s Losin’ It
Photo credits minus the family photo k go to the artists at who choose to share their art with the rest of us.

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