Mother’s Day Wish List My Top Five Picks

Mother’s Day is coming right up and what mom doesn’t have a wish list? Truly just having a visit from my adult kiddos and spending the day with family will make me more than happy but a girl can dream and wish and maybe at some point I will treat myself ūüėČ

Truly just having a visit from my adult kiddos and spending the day with the family will make me more than happy but a girl can dream and wish and maybe at some point I will treat myself ūüėČ Not that I will not be spoiled but you know they all have their own great ideas.

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Bath Bombs

These were reviewed on another blog I frequent and I have wanted to try them ever since. I love to take a nice long, hot, uninterrupted bath after Little Miss Toddler goes to bed. These would make it a million times even better. Do you not agree?

Love You, Mom Necklace

If there is one thing I have done in my life that makes me proud it has been being a mom to my kids. Someday maybe I will get a necklace like this. Hmmm, I wonder if my kids read my blog LOL?

Corelle Dinnerware Set

I saw this set and it is so the kind of thing I love. It reminds me of a child’s¬†drawing. Very soft, ¬†pretty and creative.

EpicBlog Planner

I am a Mommy Blogger. Another blogger told me this is the planner to have. So, yes! I want this planner.

Wife. Mom. Boss. T-shirt

This should have been on top. ¬†Ask anyone that knows me, this is my¬†shirt.¬†ūüėČ

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Color Easter Eggs With What You Have In Your Cabinets!

Did you by chance forget that egg dye kit to color Easter eggs?

Food Dye red blue green yellow for coloring easter eggs

No problem!

I bet you have everything you need right in your kitchen cabinets to dye beautiful vibrant or pastel eggs. Water? White vinegar? Food dye? Good! Let’s go then!

Color Easter Eggs with food dye


Hard Boiled Eggs cooked and cooled.

For each color you make you will need:
1/2 cup boiling water

1 Teaspoon white vinegar

20 or more drops of liquid food dye

How to color eggs with food dye for easter

** We used twenty drops you could use more for a more vibrant color. With twenty drops there was less staining on Little Miss Toddlers hands.

So in a coffee mug or container of your choice add the boiling water, vinegar and food coloring color(s) of your choice.

To color, the eggs just place the in the egg dye and let them soak. Shorter times result in pastel colors and longer times will result in vibrant colors.

Easter eggs colored with food dye

We had never done them without a kit but I feel like I could control how much staining Little Miss Toddler would have on her hands by making it myself.What little staining there was washed right of in the bath.


Toddler coloring Easter eggs

Happy Easter from all of us at Simply Moms.


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St. Patrick’s Day Getting Our Green On! Food, Projects, Coloring pages and Family Traditions.


The other day my son Corey said: “I love Saint Patricks Day, It’s better than Christmas.” My mind was slightly boggled and it left me wondering why? Mind you, Corey is an adult however, it is not the first time he has stated this. Maybe all the Corned Beef got to his head?

Then I thought about it a bit more.We do have some good traditions and the best thing is it brings us all together at the table. You know Family togetherness.¬†ūüėČ

For years I painstakingly drew around a cover stencil I had and copied off the coloring page that we had colored every single year since he was a pretty young child.

This year I created it digitally so I could share it will all of you.

FREE Shamrock Coloring Page printable St. Pattys Day



Not your style? Here are some other really cute coloring pages as well from Crayola (Nope we are not being sponsored we just love their pages and their crayons!)

A lil shout out to the colors your gonna need this St. Patrick’s Day.

Crayola Crayons Green St. Patrick's Day


Little Miss Toddler and I worked on a Shamrock painting together. I will include our little photo session as a sperate post tomorrow but below is our finished project. It was messy but she had a great deal of fun.

St. Patrick's day Toddler Shamrock Hand Print Art Project Paint

This was her extra little part… She loves to paint but ended up very GREEN!


Then there is the boiled corned beef dinner that I make in my huge 8-quart stock pots every year. My husband scopes out the largest flattest ones. I swear he puts more effort into corned beef shopping than he does any other kind of food shopping. He has even barred me from the picking process LOL.  I am in charge of the vegetables and I get to cook his very special corned beef.

New England Boiled Dinner


The picture is not of my boiled dinner but I big thank you to Wiki for providing a photo of a meal that looks much like mine minus the parsnips. I am not even sure what a parsnip takes like. Maybe I am missing out? Any How below is the way I make a Corned Beef Dinner.

Traditional New England Boiled Dinner.

1 Large Flat Cut Corned beef

10 Medium Sized Red Potatoes scrubbed clean and cut into cubes or White Potatoes peeled and cut into fourths

7 Carrots scrapped and chopped into 1-inch chunks (I use more We like them)

1 Small Head Cabbage cut into wedges

1 Medium Turnip peeled and cut into 1-inch cubes (Optional)

1 Medium Onion peeled and cut into fourths (More if you like them)

1-3 Parsnips peeled and cut into 1-inch chunks (Optional we do not use them)

In a large stock pot, 8 quarts place your corned beef, all the juices and open the spice packet and sprinkle it in. Cover with water and put on low heat. Simmer covered adding water as needed to keep the meat covered. Plan to cook 50 minutes per pound give or take some cooking time. Cook until the meat is tender and just starting to fall apart. At this point add in the vegetables add more water to just cover everything, and simmer until they are tender as well. This serves our family of 6 large portions.


As for traditions some amount of the veggies will be served up in my Grammie’s old vintage Pyrex bowl. The only thing I have left of my¬†Grammie (My Moms Mother) Boiled dinners were her thing so we always add her bowl to the holiday table. ¬†Gosh, I really miss her <3

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

vintage Green Pyrex mixing bowl

Love Jennifer




What are your St. Patrick’s Day traditions?

I am taking part in Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop this week.

Mama’s Losin’ It

Valentine’s Day Cake Overload and Stuff

It’s Valentine’s day so we had to read a book about it. So Little Miss Toddler and I ¬†dug through her Uncles stash of books and found this. It’s a bit old and worn from years of love but Little Miss Toddler enjoyed it.

Someone secretly loves Arthur but he has no idea who keep sending him little love notes. Can you figure it out?

Arthur's Valentine

Why eat the sandwich when there is cake to be had?¬† Little Miss Toddler was pretty excited about the cake. Mostly because as you will see it was covered in candy. That was the hubby’s doing. He is big on cakes for every occasion simply because he loves cake.

We had sandwiches and cake

Have you ever cut one of these candy covered cakes? Do you have any idea what might happen? LOL

M&Ms cake Kit-Kat cake

I thought it was just a thin layer of M&Ms. I was wrong. As I cut into this cake the candies started pouring off the cake, onto the counter and down on the floor where Little Miss Toddler was running around eating them as the bounced onto the floor.

Valentines Cake

I am pretty sure there was over a pound of M&M’s on this cake.¬† All pink, white and red. So pretty <3

Be Mine Cake

Apparently, one cake was not enough for hubby he also purchased a smaller one. Unfortunately, I really do not like cake LOL.¬† Not really sure what the need for cake two was…maybe because it said Be Mine? Maybe he was worried he would never get another cake LOL. Maybe he felt the need to express himself better with a cake with writing along with a candy avalanche cake? Or perhaps he wanted to eat himself into a cake induced coma? Whatever the reason both cakes were beautiful. It is sweet (literally) of him to think of us.

Love letters

Our whiteboard has been decorated for a while now. Each heart telling a family member why they are loved. <3

Lastly my sweet mushy card from the hubby to me. Of course, Little Miss Toddler insisted she open it for me because mail is her thing. Thankfully she didn’t shred it in her over-zealous opening attempts. She¬†marveled at how pretty it was and then handed it over to me.


His card sums it up… Real love. 26 years of working things out,¬† Forever. I love you hubby. Happy Valentine’s Day.


Tell us how you spent your Valentine’s day.