Summer Bucket List for the Family

Finally, warmer days are here to enjoy as a family.

Enjoying ice cream cones on the first day of summer.

We are pretty simple people so we enjoy those simple moments in life.

I hope you will enjoy our ideas for summer fun.

  1. Go out for ice cream.
  2. Visit family
  3. Beach
  4. Build a sand castle.
  5. Purchase a swing set
  6. BBQ at least once a week.
  7. Visit our local library
  8. Take the city bus into the next big city over for the day
  9. Roast Marshmallows
  10. Do sparklers
  11. Go watch fireworks
  12. Attend a wedding ¬†ūüėČ (My son is getting married)
  13. Purchase a pool for the kids and use it!
  14. Play water balloons with the kids
  15. Make a huge colored ice block for Little Miss Toddler to play with on a hot day.
  16. Have a water gun fight with the kids.
  17. Have a bonfire.
  18. Maybe get a new pet.
  19. Pick up the yard as a family
  20. Go to an amusement park
  21. Visit the ocean
  22. Plant something
  23. Play badminton as a family.
  24. Teach the kids to play horseshoes.
  25. Purchase a fire pit and put it to use.
  26. Visit all the local playgrounds and some out of town as well.

Simple ideas for summer fun with children and family.


Tell me what will you do with your summer?

Tell us what you will be doing in the comments below.

Love Jennifer




The Month Of May

I know, I have been absent¬†with nothing to say. ¬†Sometimes the Internet has days weeks and months where it feels like it is weighing me down. It is strange I know. ¬†Something that if I want this blog to work I need to sort out and get over. So this afternoon I am just going to share some photos from my May ūüôā

My sweet Trev on his bike at the park

Trev, hard to think my baby will be 16 in October! We were out enjoying one of our very few nice days!

little Miss Toddler Picking Flowers at the park

Little Miss Toddler at the park picking flowers.

50 years old and can still peddle a bike.

Hubby Peddles away on Trevs bike!

Stormy days

Storms and lots of rain was the theme all the month of May

We welcomed a new granddaughter to our family . <3

table setI finally replaced my round table and folding chairs with this new to me set. Yay!

Memorial Day was celebrated with a small parade that passed by our front door.

So that is our month in a small nutshell. Tons of rain here in New England. I will be glad for warmer sunnier days!

Mother’s Day Wish List My Top Five Picks

Mother’s Day is coming right up and what mom doesn’t have a wish list? Truly just having a visit from my adult kiddos and spending the day with family will make me more than happy but a girl can dream and wish and maybe at some point I will treat myself ūüėČ

Truly just having a visit from my adult kiddos and spending the day with the family will make me more than happy but a girl can dream and wish and maybe at some point I will treat myself ūüėČ Not that I will not be spoiled but you know they all have their own great ideas.

**The photos are linked to Amazon. I am an affiliate and make a small commission should you make a purchase at no extra cost to you. **

Bath Bombs

These were reviewed on another blog I frequent and I have wanted to try them ever since. I love to take a nice long, hot, uninterrupted bath after Little Miss Toddler goes to bed. These would make it a million times even better. Do you not agree?

Love You, Mom Necklace

If there is one thing I have done in my life that makes me proud it has been being a mom to my kids. Someday maybe I will get a necklace like this. Hmmm, I wonder if my kids read my blog LOL?

Corelle Dinnerware Set

I saw this set and it is so the kind of thing I love. It reminds me of a child’s¬†drawing. Very soft, ¬†pretty and creative.

EpicBlog Planner

I am a Mommy Blogger. Another blogger told me this is the planner to have. So, yes! I want this planner.

Wife. Mom. Boss. T-shirt

This should have been on top. ¬†Ask anyone that knows me, this is my¬†shirt.¬†ūüėČ

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Love Jennifer


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Meal Planner Weekly Free Printable

Free printable weekly meal planner page.

Simply print this free meal planner out and fill in each day with what you will be making for meals.

Free Meal planner printable



Click the sample photo above or the link below it to print your free meal planner.

You Know You’re A Mom When

After chasing Little Miss Toddler around for half an hour this Grandma (Or Giga as she calls me) is tired! That diaper is ON though! Toddlers are such little whirlwinds of energy!

You know your a mom when

Digital Cards – Why I Love them

The following post is sponsored by Paperless Post. I received free coins to purchase online cards. However, all opinions are my own.

I will let you in on a small secret. I have an issue and I always have. I love to shop for cards. Filling them out also gives me joy. Mailing them out…It never happens. I have thrown away in my lifetime at least hundreds of Christmas cards, birthday cards, invitations and more. I don’t know what it is I just never seem to get them mailed out. I am terrible at it.

Less than six months ago my grand baby had her second birthday party. I designed invitations so painstakingly and once again they sat. Wasted, time, ink, money all down the drain. I do always revert back to a phone call or an email just because it was more simple.

Then as a blogger, I was approached to review Paperless Post. I was intrigued because I remember the cards online back in the day. They were always full of spam for both the sender and the receiver or highly expensive.


So I poked around on their site some before I decided to tell you all about it and I was pleasantly surprised. The cards are trendy and highly customizable. They didn’t look silly. I would not be ashamed to email one to anyone.

So I decided to mail one just to test it out. I emailed my husband a belated birthday card. I was able to choose a card, change the font and even what it said. I was also able to pick a background the card was showed on. The stamp for the envelope and the liner for the envelope as well. Then I simply added his email and away it sent.

Paperless Post card

He got it almost instantly and said that he thought it was pretty cool.

I have a baby shower coming up in a couple months and you can bet that I will be sending out 20 or so invitations through Paperless Post. Hey, I’m savings some steps and some trees! It is win-win all the way around.

I also realized that you could get printed versions of their cards and invitations. Though for me digital seems to be the key. There is a charge for the cards. It cost me six coins to mail my card out using premium options. When I started my account they started me out with 30 free coins. I looked and you can buy a twenty pack of “coins” for $6.00 personally for me that is a savings since the person the card is intended for will get it.

So if you are like me or just prefer digital because of its ease of use checkout


Jello Play Dough The Softest, Best Smelling, Dough Made With Jello and a Touch Of Sparkle.

If you don’t mind a cooked Play Dough recipe this one is the BEST! It smells wonderful, It is super soft and we added a touch of sparkle for fun. If you have a small toddler who likes to taste things you can skip the sparkle.¬†


Today is St. Patricks Day so we made Green with a lime flavored Jello. I added a bit more coloring to deepen the color this step is not necessary.

Jello Play Dough A simple cook and play recipe for Play dough that smells wonderful and is super soft.


So what do you need?

  • 1 cup of all purpose flour
  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 Tablespoons of oil
  • 1/2 cup of salt
  • 2 Tablespoons of cream of tarter
  • 1 Three Ounce Package of Jello ¬†any flavor


  • Food coloring to enhance the color
  • Sparkles
If you have a little one who likes to taste things skip the sparkles. 

How to make Jello Play Dough

This is the simple part toss it everything but the sparkles in a non-stick heavy bottomed 2 quart sauce pan. Your little one can help with the pouring and first stirring.  making Jello Play dough

Now onto the Mom tasks because this involves the stove.

Place the pan and all the ingredients of course on medium high heat. You will stir from start to end to avoid scorching the mix. It hits a couple different stages through the heating process.


Cooking Jello Play Dough

Keep up with that stirring mom …

Then it will shortly thereafter hit the next stage


Making some jello play dough

Boy, this stirring thing is a real work out isn’t it? But the end result will thrill your kids.

Just a little more…

The next stage is…

Big Clump

Green lime scented sparkly play dough

Once you hit this stage pull it off the heat and continue to move it around a bit then plop it onto a plate or silicone mat to cool for a bit. Doesn’t it smell heavenly? ¬†Better than any store bought Play Dough has ever smelled.

Homemade Play Dough

Once the dough is cooled knead it some and if you want to add some sparkles. A few or a lot that’s up to you.

Green and sparkly and smells like limes the best play dough ever

Knead in the sparkles and guess what? Call the little ones in it is time to play with Play Dough you just created! You are awesome! Right!

Green play dough

I think she likes it. She said it smelled “Yummy!” But I reminded her that it was for playing with and not eating.

Smelly Play Dough

Such nice sensory play. Squishy and soft.

Toddler Playing With Play Dough

Serving up a nice scoop of lime green play dough.

Toddlers LOVE play dough

This stuff is pretty exciting when you are all of two and let me tell you a secret… I enjoyed it every bit as much as Little Miss Toddler did.

We love Play Dough

Thank you so much for joining us while we made play dough. Little Miss Toddler and I both hope you have fun making yours and playing with it as well.

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Love Jennifer

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St. Patrick’s Day Getting Our Green On! Food, Projects, Coloring pages and Family Traditions.


The other day my son Corey said: “I love Saint Patricks Day, It’s better than Christmas.” My mind was slightly boggled and it left me wondering why? Mind you, Corey is an adult however, it is not the first time he has stated this. Maybe all the Corned Beef got to his head?

Then I thought about it a bit more.We do have some good traditions and the best thing is it brings us all together at the table. You know Family togetherness.¬†ūüėČ

For years I painstakingly drew around a cover stencil I had and copied off the coloring page that we had colored every single year since he was a pretty young child.

This year I created it digitally so I could share it will all of you.

FREE Shamrock Coloring Page printable St. Pattys Day



Not your style? Here are some other really cute coloring pages as well from Crayola (Nope we are not being sponsored we just love their pages and their crayons!)

A lil shout out to the colors your gonna need this St. Patrick’s Day.

Crayola Crayons Green St. Patrick's Day


Little Miss Toddler and I worked on a Shamrock painting together. I will include our little photo session as a sperate post tomorrow but below is our finished project. It was messy but she had a great deal of fun.

St. Patrick's day Toddler Shamrock Hand Print Art Project Paint

This was her extra little part… She loves to paint but ended up very GREEN!


Then there is the boiled corned beef dinner that I make in my huge 8-quart stock pots every year. My husband scopes out the largest flattest ones. I swear he puts more effort into corned beef shopping than he does any other kind of food shopping. He has even barred me from the picking process LOL.  I am in charge of the vegetables and I get to cook his very special corned beef.

New England Boiled Dinner


The picture is not of my boiled dinner but I big thank you to Wiki for providing a photo of a meal that looks much like mine minus the parsnips. I am not even sure what a parsnip takes like. Maybe I am missing out? Any How below is the way I make a Corned Beef Dinner.

Traditional New England Boiled Dinner.

1 Large Flat Cut Corned beef

10 Medium Sized Red Potatoes scrubbed clean and cut into cubes or White Potatoes peeled and cut into fourths

7 Carrots scrapped and chopped into 1-inch chunks (I use more We like them)

1 Small Head Cabbage cut into wedges

1 Medium Turnip peeled and cut into 1-inch cubes (Optional)

1 Medium Onion peeled and cut into fourths (More if you like them)

1-3 Parsnips peeled and cut into 1-inch chunks (Optional we do not use them)

In a large stock pot, 8 quarts place your corned beef, all the juices and open the spice packet and sprinkle it in. Cover with water and put on low heat. Simmer covered adding water as needed to keep the meat covered. Plan to cook 50 minutes per pound give or take some cooking time. Cook until the meat is tender and just starting to fall apart. At this point add in the vegetables add more water to just cover everything, and simmer until they are tender as well. This serves our family of 6 large portions.


As for traditions some amount of the veggies will be served up in my Grammie’s old vintage Pyrex bowl. The only thing I have left of my¬†Grammie (My Moms Mother) Boiled dinners were her thing so we always add her bowl to the holiday table. ¬†Gosh, I really miss her <3

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

vintage Green Pyrex mixing bowl

Love Jennifer




What are your St. Patrick’s Day traditions?

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Five On Friday (Link Up)

This post was inspired by the Five on Friday Link up.


Last night we decided to go out to dinner with the kids at the Home Town Buffet and roam around the Maine¬†Mall for a bit of time after my hubby got home from work after eating we ended up over¬†at best buy. I decided to break away ad go admire cameras. (A girl can dream, right?) ¬†Because at tax time we decided to forgo the camera we had picked so I could have a new computer. Hubby walked up behind me and says “That’s a nice camera. Is that the one you want?” I told him at some point I would like it. He picks it up and buys it…Along with a camera¬†bag, new rechargeable batteries, and a bag. So my number one is how blessed I feel by my husband’s gift. There were things he needed that he put aside for me.

Sony  DSC - H300


Friday visits from my little Grandson and his daddy are always a great ending to my weekdays. Watching my son interact with his son is heartwarming to me.

son and father


I have a great little playmate in Little Miss Toddler. My girls never liked Barbies and she adores those Barbies! My cute little excuse to get down and play with them and of course her! Just look at that smile!

toddler and barbies



Finally, the two plus feet of snow is starting to disappear from my yard and I am not complaining in the least. I am ready for kiddie pools, popsicles, sunglasses, tall cold glasses of sweet tea and sunshiny days. I am even excited to start the spring yard clean up.

Spring is Coming


This week I happened to get my box from Pinch Me. It’s nice to get something in the mail besides bills. New FREE body wash is a pretty cool sample and Lucky Old Boy will enjoy his wet dog food treat. I do not have any affiliation with and have not been asked to post this I am simply sharing with you something I enjoy. ¬†So if you love freebies Pinch Me is a pretty cool site.


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Keeping My Husbands Heart Full

I won’t lie I have no reason to. For the longest time, I sat around pouting about what my husband was not doing to keep my heart full. Then something hit me. How am I keeping his heart full? ¬†How am I showing him daily that I value and love him?¬†


When I sat down and looked at that list of me against him it was a very short one and I was not doing much for him these days without some amount of complaining and grumbling even if I didn’t say it out loud I am sure he knew what I was thinking.

So I have decided to make a change and I am still working at it. However, things are better. What is interesting is now he fills my heart more than ever without me saying a word. Interesting how that works huh?


1. My husband goes to work each day. I have been blessed to stay at home with my kids. So each morning even though I could stay all cozy in my bed I get up and make him coffee. We sit and talk. I kiss him goodbye and some time before his day is up I text him to say a simple I love you. I miss you. Thank you for giving up family time and working so hard. I appreciate you.

2. I am present when he comes home. I hang up the phone, walk away from the computer. I give him a hug and ask him about his day. I don’t sit and grumble about mine first. I listen. Then when he asks about mine I try to tell him a couple good thing and then the bad.

3. We all have little things that annoy us. I know I sure do there is a big list of them for me in fact. I have been trying harder to acknowledge things I find silly. I am sure there are things I insist upon silly I wonder how many things he does for me that he considers silly or pointless? So, when he asked me not to leave 15 different¬†bottles of shower¬†gels, shampoos and conditioners in the shower I started putting them away. Guess what… The shower is easier to clean, he is much happier and it takes me 30 seconds to do.

4. I think of him in quiet ways. Like when I am out buying treats for the kids I also think of things he has said he wanted to try or has been wanting to get for himself but won’t spend the money on because he puts us before him always.

5. I have stopped complaining about him all the time and tell people the wonderful things he does. Even if he never heard a word I spoke it was still showing up in my mood later that day. Instead, I find time to talk to him about what bothers me so he and I can work on it together. It has strengthened us both.

I still have bad days that I fall away from these things as does he. However, we are both working harder these days to show more love to one another even when we find ourselves busy and distracted.

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