How to set up a sewing room: top tips to make your sewing easier!

Guest Post by Hannah @ Sizzle Stitch

I don’t know about you, but for me, a big part of being an active person means constantly having to stitch up things or work on DIY projects that imply sewing to some extent. Before, I used to have all my sewing essentials crowded up in a drawer somewhere, but I soon figured that was just impractical. Not only did my tools not fit in there, but I also got into the habit of leaving them all over the house. So the only thing that saved me from this ordeal was setting up a space where to keep all of my sewing tools and fabrics. If you are dealing with the same issue, keep on reading to learn all the best sewing tips and tricks on how to set up a sewing room.

Sewing Room tips to organizing your sewing room.

  1. Decide on the space


When it comes to the best sewing room ideas, what you need to know is that they all have a common starting point, and that is deciding on the space that is going to be used. At this point all you have to know about how to set up a sewing room is the space you are going utilize. You actually don’t have to pick a large room, but one large enough so that you can fit a desk or sewing table and a storage area.


  1. Furniture and equipment


The second step in setting up the sewing room is to decide on what type of furniture and equipment you are going to use. One of the best sewing tips you can get at this point is to make sure to go around the house and see what furniture you are not using. You don’t necessarily have to make a big purchase in furniture. A desk or a table where you can work on your projects would be more than enough. Of course, if you are set on making the sewing room look as professionally as possible then you might have to invest in some equipment and furniture.


  1. Have a plan


If you want to know how to set up a sewing room in such a way that it perfectly matches all of your needs then you should start up with a plan and go from there. Make sure to take a pen and paper and draw different ways in which every single detail could go, from furniture, to shelves and cabinets.


  1. Organize everything


I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do is organize threads, needles, pins and pin cushions. This is exactly why I believe this to be one of the most relaxing stages in setting up a sewing room. Take all of your equipment, tools and sewing notions and find a place for each and every one of them. Just make sure to save up as much space as possible so that you don’t end up with a cluttered working space.


  1. Decorate


Last, but not least, make sure to decorate your new sewing room. There are planty wonderful sewing room ideas online. You can even get your kids to help and make a fun experience out of it. All you have to do is be creative and work on it so that you are nothing less but thrilled with the final result.


There are, no doubt, plenty of ways to organize or set up a sewing room. However, I believe that coming up with a solution that fits your needs is the most important thing. This is why there should be a considerable amount of planning, sketching and trying various options before you get to do the actual work. This way you are guaranteed to create a working space that you can actually use, not just a simple storing place for your tools and materials. Don’t forget to think about the lighting and to have a perfect picture of the final result in your mind.


About the Author – I’m Hannah and I am a huge crafts enthusiast with a passion for sewing and creating cool things. I have a large interest in fashion and enjoy spending time with my friends and family. Read more about me here

Bipolar How I Cope with having Loved Ones With Mental Illness

I am close to three people who have Bipolar. I will not disclose who they are for privacy reasons but, let’s just say I know very well what it means to love someone with bipolar.

Bipolar is like being on a roller coaster ride. Sometimes you can predict drop offs and others you just have to hang on because the next turn sends you into an unexpected spiral. Sometimes you are laughing and throwing your hands in the air and then other times you are clinging, simply holding on for dear life screaming it the top of your lungs.

Bipolar disorder
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I have:

  •  watched as someone I loved made terrible choices.
  • seen them yell over nothing or laugh uncontrollably at nothing.
  •  watched them ruin their very important relationships.
  •  sadly watched them spend money they never really had to spend.
  • experienced them loving with all that they had.
  • had the pleasure of seeing them so proud of successes.
  • watched rage over the slightest failure.
  • stood by as a mood shifted so extremely they make me feel like I was spinning.
  • heard things I wish I could un-hear.
  • witnessed them create things so beautifully that you know their soul is so pure.
  •  observed them destroy close to everything they owned.
  • been there in the happiest of times at their best.
  • celebrated them dancing like no one is watching even though everyone was.
  • loved them. Because we are all deserving of love.
being alone
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According to the source, Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, “More than 5.7 million American adults or 2.6 percent of the population age 18 or older in any given year have bipolar disorder.”

It’s my personal thoughts that that number may be even higher as many do not ever seek help and are not diagnosed. My guess is if you found this you know someone who has bipolar or even may have it yourself.

Over the years living with people who have bipolar and having them in my life I have come up with things I do when it comes to my relationships with these people whom I love so dearly.

You must accept the fact bipolar is a part of their life but it does not completely define who they are.

People who have bipolar have personalities, hopes, dreams, and aspirations just like anyone else. They are not their illness they have an illness.

Bipolar is not an excuse for everything.

While bipolar does affect one’s choices you can not just use it as a way to brush off bad behavior. There was an incident where a bipolar child broke something that did not belong to them on purpose. It was very clear that they did it with mean intent and they were making clear choices. My first reaction was to brush it off as oh this happens a lot the illness causes them to act this way. No, that is not how life works. Life does not care if you have bipolar, people out there still expect basic respect. The law will also not care if you child grows up and blames bad choices on his or her mental health.We must teach them that early. Interestingly when the child was not expected to act that way and received proper loving discipline. They started working towards better behavior.

Know what their triggers are.

In my experience, both children and adults have triggers that can cause a fast shift in their mood.By no means am I saying you should tip toe around them. We all know some things simply can not be avoided. However, it if is something that does not need to be done or said it is often best just to avoid it. This cut down on so many manic episodes for us.

Appointments, medications and seeking help.

One person in particular that I am close with needed to be often reminded that their mental health appointments and their medications were so very important. Yes, everyone case is different but for us, the medications and therapy would start helping some and their response was to stop the medications because they felt” fine”. At the very least I was able to break that cycle sometimes. If a person you love is threatening to harm themselves or someone else please make a phone call to get them help right away. Please, never brush it off. Ever.

Set clear boundaries for yourself.

There are certain things I will not put up with. I won’t bend or break on them. It does not matter if the person suffers from mental health issues or they do not. My lines in the sand are there. If they are crossed there are consequences. For example, should I have a friend with bipolar (or not ) and they were to intentionally physically harm me or a child of mine. The friendship would end. That is one of my boundaries.

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Give yourself a break.

Go grab a coffee with friends, go for a walk, find a hobby you love especially when the person you love is having a manic episode. Make sure they are safe and take that time for you. Being around someone who is manic is emotionally and physically exhausting. There is nothing wrong with needing time away, in fact, it is a very healthy habit to form.

Be an advocate

If the person you love is a child or an adult has difficulty expressing themselves to their doctor, schools, family please make sure they get heard. If it is a child and a doctor will not listen perhaps finding a new practice. So many times people with bipolar or parents of children with bipolar get brushed off by the medical profession when they voice their concerns. I have stood up many times as a voice to be heard and it has ended a lot of heartache and frustration.

Know what comforts them.

For some people it is a favorite blanket wrapped snugly around them, maybe for someone else, it is just a change of scenery, a hug or even to just be left alone. Comfort and familiarness are often very needed by someone who is manic, or depressed.

Remember no one chooses to be mentally ill.

Love and compassion go a long way they did not ask for this, cause it or choose it. While someone with bipolar disorder can become extremely frustrating or worrisome try not to be angry with them, don’t beg them to change or demand they stop being this way. This is not a choice, it simply is.

Image source:



I am by no means an expert

I am simply put a person who loves and is loved by people that have bipolar disorder. For more information, you can check out the following resources. What I have written are things I have done over the years that have worked for me personally.

National Institutes of Health – Bipolar Disorder

WebMD – Bipolar Disorder Health Center

If you or someone you love is threatening to harm them self please do not just brush it off please get help.
Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours every day 24/7

My personal thoughts.

Bipolar is not all negative. Some of the most creative, smart, energetic, full of life, fun people I know are bipolar. They are wonderful people that have a mental health disorder. The stigma placed on people with mental health is very disheartening. I have been through years of ups and downs with people who I love. I have stood up for them when they could not and you know what… they have done the same for me. At the end of the day, we are all simply human… please embrace one another through the perfection and the imperfections. #Love #Kindness #Compassion

Describing bipolar disorder quote.



Love Jennifer


15 Things I wish I Could Say To My Daughter-In-Law

Becoming a mother-in-law is not always an easy role.

Perhaps because society has labeled many of us crazy, overbearing, rude and full of terrible parenting advice.  However, that is not always the norm. I was so excited when my son met you and even more so when he told me you were the one he would marry.  If he loves you then I know I should love you as well and I do.

Thank you to for this photo.


  1. Please be patient with me. This mother-in-law role is new for me. I will make mistakes, say the wrong things, even be annoying. The hard truth is at times I will feel you have done the same to me. Our relationship is a new one. Please give it time. Don’t make up your mind about me just yet.
  2. My children will always be my children. When he walks in I will feed him, I will also feed you and any other person who walks into my home. I will tell him to wipe his feet, wash his hands and a million other things I have been telling him his whole life. It is a Mama thing. Once you are a Mama you are in fact always a Mama. I know he is grown and I am so proud of him. But, he is still my son.
  3. When he said he was getting married I was happy. Happy he found his soul mate and happy that you would be added to our family. I do not view marriage as you taking my son away but me gaining a daughter. Just as I hope your parents feel they have gained as well.
  4. I do not think my son is perfect and while other mother-in-laws do it I won’t sit there and take his side if he is wrong. Truthfully I would rather not take any side.
  5. My door is always open to my children… So if you want a cup of coffee or just some company. I am always here. However, I do respect your home and privacy and will not come over without asking. Don’t think I do not love you. I respect your space out of love.
  6. Please do not think that I feel you should be perfect. I know you are perfect for my son and that is all that matters. I do not expect you to be a mini me or even do things the way I do. My own son does not. So if I am not judging you please extend me the same kindness and love.
  7. Please do not be upset with me if my son comes to me for advice.  I am not meddling. I am simply telling him my ideas and that is all they are. Sometimes us old people have had some really good life experience and do have things to offer. Sometimes our advice sucks. So as with everything in life, it can be taken or left.
  8. I am human. I spent 18 + holidays with my son. Just like your parents did with you. Expect us not to feel joy on either side when we miss you on holidays. I know you want to do holidays your way just as we did with our children. However, if I felt joy not to be seeing you all during the holidays that would be slightly concerning in itself. Please do not think my disappointment is hate, anger, or bitterness I know you all have a life and family that extends past me.
  9. I have raised 8+ children. I know you will raise your children your way. If I open my mouth and step on your toes I apologize. Raising my children was my entire world. Sometimes my thoughts slip out of my mouth and I know, I know. My advice is not always welcome, needed, or even for that matter right. Regardless I know you are/will be a wonderful mother.
  10. Sweetheart, my house is not filthy, but it is not always (really ever) showroom clean. Please never think I expect that of you. When I come see you. I don’t care about that. What I care about is seeing the people I love happy and smiling.
  11. I am a homemaker and if you work outside the home that is wonderful. Here is the thing though. I do not look down on you in any way shape or form for working. I think we are all intended to be different and we should embrace that. Being a homemaker or a working woman does not us better than one another it makes us different.
  12. I am my own person I am not an on-call babysitter. Please remember I raised my own family and I am still raising children.  I don’t care if you ask.Please do. I even feel honored and loved when you do ask. But, please do not be offended or angry if I have other plans or simply do not feel like it. It is no reflection of how much I love you or your children.
  13. Remember that just as I am not responsible for my sons every good quality, I am also the not reason for every bad one. Please don’t hate me because of his flaws or think I caused them. As parents, we always do the best we can and it hurts when it gets back to me how you think I have “damaged” him. You do not know what is or was in my heart. Parenting is the hardest journey we all take. Along the way, I have made mistakes. Yes, I know he does not pick up after himself. So in advance, I am so sorry. 🙂
  14.  When it comes to your children I do care about how you parent. I care so much that if you tell me not to do something you can 100% be assured I will not do it. However please do not take offense if I ask questions. I am not being nosey or intrusive. I am learning from you. It really is that simple. We all have things to learn. You are valuable to me as are your insites and ideas.
  15. I never got the opportunity to meet my mother-in-law. She passed away when my husband way a teen. I didn’t get to see her tears as I promised to love her son until death do us part. I never got to watch her hold her grandbabies for the first time and love them in only the way she could have. I never got to love her or even be angry with her.  I never got to ask her things about her son that only she would know or hear stories from her point of view about who he was as a child. She never even got to know that he was loved and cared for by the gentle caring hands of another woman so she could rest easy. Us mother-in-laws are blessings just as you are to me.Thank you for loving my son in the way only you can.

Being a mother-in-law is a new role to me just like being a daughter-in-law is new to you. I will give you grace and respect . I hope you will do the same.

Love always,

Your Mother-in-Law

This post was inspired by the blog post  20 THINGS I WISH I COULD TELL MY MOTHER-IN-LAW

Please hop on over there and read her blog as well because her honesty as a daughter in law is truly refreshing.

Love Jennifer


Summer Bucket List for the Family

Finally, warmer days are here to enjoy as a family.

Enjoying ice cream cones on the first day of summer.

We are pretty simple people so we enjoy those simple moments in life.

I hope you will enjoy our ideas for summer fun.

  1. Go out for ice cream.
  2. Visit family
  3. Beach
  4. Build a sand castle.
  5. Purchase a swing set
  6. BBQ at least once a week.
  7. Visit our local library
  8. Take the city bus into the next big city over for the day
  9. Roast Marshmallows
  10. Do sparklers
  11. Go watch fireworks
  12. Attend a wedding  😉 (My son is getting married)
  13. Purchase a pool for the kids and use it!
  14. Play water balloons with the kids
  15. Make a huge colored ice block for Little Miss Toddler to play with on a hot day.
  16. Have a water gun fight with the kids.
  17. Have a bonfire.
  18. Maybe get a new pet.
  19. Pick up the yard as a family
  20. Go to an amusement park
  21. Visit the ocean
  22. Plant something
  23. Play badminton as a family.
  24. Teach the kids to play horseshoes.
  25. Purchase a fire pit and put it to use.
  26. Visit all the local playgrounds and some out of town as well.

Simple ideas for summer fun with children and family.


Tell me what will you do with your summer?

Tell us what you will be doing in the comments below.

Love Jennifer




The Month Of May

I know, I have been absent with nothing to say.  Sometimes the Internet has days weeks and months where it feels like it is weighing me down. It is strange I know.  Something that if I want this blog to work I need to sort out and get over. So this afternoon I am just going to share some photos from my May 🙂

My sweet Trev on his bike at the park

Trev, hard to think my baby will be 16 in October! We were out enjoying one of our very few nice days!

little Miss Toddler Picking Flowers at the park

Little Miss Toddler at the park picking flowers.

50 years old and can still peddle a bike.

Hubby Peddles away on Trevs bike!

Stormy days

Storms and lots of rain was the theme all the month of May

We welcomed a new granddaughter to our family . <3

table setI finally replaced my round table and folding chairs with this new to me set. Yay!

Memorial Day was celebrated with a small parade that passed by our front door.

So that is our month in a small nutshell. Tons of rain here in New England. I will be glad for warmer sunnier days!

Five On Friday (Link Up)

This post was inspired by the Five on Friday Link up.


Last night we decided to go out to dinner with the kids at the Home Town Buffet and roam around the Maine Mall for a bit of time after my hubby got home from work after eating we ended up over at best buy. I decided to break away ad go admire cameras. (A girl can dream, right?)  Because at tax time we decided to forgo the camera we had picked so I could have a new computer. Hubby walked up behind me and says “That’s a nice camera. Is that the one you want?” I told him at some point I would like it. He picks it up and buys it…Along with a camera bag, new rechargeable batteries, and a bag. So my number one is how blessed I feel by my husband’s gift. There were things he needed that he put aside for me.

Sony DSC - H300


Friday visits from my little Grandson and his daddy are always a great ending to my weekdays. Watching my son interact with his son is heartwarming to me.

son and father


I have a great little playmate in Little Miss Toddler. My girls never liked Barbies and she adores those Barbies! My cute little excuse to get down and play with them and of course her! Just look at that smile!

toddler and barbies



Finally, the two plus feet of snow is starting to disappear from my yard and I am not complaining in the least. I am ready for kiddie pools, popsicles, sunglasses, tall cold glasses of sweet tea and sunshiny days. I am even excited to start the spring yard clean up.

Spring is Coming


This week I happened to get my box from Pinch Me. It’s nice to get something in the mail besides bills. New FREE body wash is a pretty cool sample and Lucky Old Boy will enjoy his wet dog food treat. I do not have any affiliation with and have not been asked to post this I am simply sharing with you something I enjoy.  So if you love freebies Pinch Me is a pretty cool site.


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Keeping My Husbands Heart Full

I won’t lie I have no reason to. For the longest time, I sat around pouting about what my husband was not doing to keep my heart full. Then something hit me. How am I keeping his heart full?  How am I showing him daily that I value and love him? 


When I sat down and looked at that list of me against him it was a very short one and I was not doing much for him these days without some amount of complaining and grumbling even if I didn’t say it out loud I am sure he knew what I was thinking.

So I have decided to make a change and I am still working at it. However, things are better. What is interesting is now he fills my heart more than ever without me saying a word. Interesting how that works huh?


1. My husband goes to work each day. I have been blessed to stay at home with my kids. So each morning even though I could stay all cozy in my bed I get up and make him coffee. We sit and talk. I kiss him goodbye and some time before his day is up I text him to say a simple I love you. I miss you. Thank you for giving up family time and working so hard. I appreciate you.

2. I am present when he comes home. I hang up the phone, walk away from the computer. I give him a hug and ask him about his day. I don’t sit and grumble about mine first. I listen. Then when he asks about mine I try to tell him a couple good thing and then the bad.

3. We all have little things that annoy us. I know I sure do there is a big list of them for me in fact. I have been trying harder to acknowledge things I find silly. I am sure there are things I insist upon silly I wonder how many things he does for me that he considers silly or pointless? So, when he asked me not to leave 15 different bottles of shower gels, shampoos and conditioners in the shower I started putting them away. Guess what… The shower is easier to clean, he is much happier and it takes me 30 seconds to do.

4. I think of him in quiet ways. Like when I am out buying treats for the kids I also think of things he has said he wanted to try or has been wanting to get for himself but won’t spend the money on because he puts us before him always.

5. I have stopped complaining about him all the time and tell people the wonderful things he does. Even if he never heard a word I spoke it was still showing up in my mood later that day. Instead, I find time to talk to him about what bothers me so he and I can work on it together. It has strengthened us both.

I still have bad days that I fall away from these things as does he. However, we are both working harder these days to show more love to one another even when we find ourselves busy and distracted.

I am participating in Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop using the writing prompt “Full”



Mama’s Losin’ It

The Word Friendly and Why I Had Stopped Blogging

I joined up Mama Kat’s Writing’s Workshop about a month or so ago. When I joined I was writing pretty regular and getting to know some of the pretty friendly people that also blog and join her link up.  I have known what the prompts were this week for a while now and just keep drawing a blank. Even still as I sit here my mind is just totally frozen. In fact, I have barely blogged at all. But I picked a prompt the word friendly.

So, really no blogs from me this week.



Because of life. Life just threw up all over me and I have not been feeling friendly, happy or like blogging at all.

I have been filling my mind with things like playing Ring Around The Rosie with little Miss Toddler. I sing she sings she holds my hands while jumping wildly on my bed and then we all fall down just so I can hear her laugh. Her laugh that makes everything right in this sometimes very, very messy unfriendly world.

I have been cleaning in a circle like I often do when I am stressed because my ADHD like symptoms show up uninvited when my world brings me for a ride that leaves me hanging on by a thread. This really mean the house is cleaned sub-par for my mind is hyper-focused on other things. So many things get started and left while I trail off to the next.

I wouldn’t call it depression. Maybe frustration that there are certain things in life that I can not fix. Or that nagging feeling I get that tells my mind something is off in life or coming at me and it eats away at me until it finally happens. By the time it happens, I am relieved in one aspect it did, it’s over and now it is about just getting back up and dusting myself off. Righting all those wrongs.

I have decided though it is time to just breath. Let things be and get back to being friendly, and doing the things that make my life have more joy and stop letting life sit so heavy on my shoulders for a while. Breath in … breath out. Ahhh much better already… right?


So while this is a lame blog post it is the start of pulling my boots back on by the straps. Therapeutic perhaps? 🙂


Tell me, when life does you wrong how do you bounce back?

And I will leave you with some happy moments from my week in case you have been missing our photos.


Boxes are a great place to sit for a toddler

Box with a Toddler in it
Little Miss Toddler playing Tablet in her box.


Turkey for dinner because it is a comfort food and man does my oven need a cleaning. Yup real life.


Then go on over to Mama Kat’s Writer’s  Workshop and link up with those fine friendly people that make me smile each week. 🙂



Mama’s Losin’ It

These are Just Five of My Favorite Things

This week I have once again linked up with Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop. I picked the prompt  ” List your five most recent favorite things.”

Number 1.

Alone Time

Yes, I love my family but I do, however, cherish my alone time to decompress and just be. Sometimes that means taking a walk, or perhaps time on the computer to browse or write, then there are the times that I like to just sit in a sunny spot and just be.  I am by nature a loner.

Alone Time For Moms is Important

Number 2.


I won’t even lie food is very high on my list. Even better food I do not have to cook or wash dishes after consuming. I love going out to eat To bad it is so costly to dine out because I would do it every single day. I know horrible.


Number 3.


The smell of coffee is the smell of home. No matter where I am that smell makes me think of my husband and all we have built together. Sitting down for morning coffee is something we have done together for twenty-six years.


Number 4.


Sorry winter you are too cold and nasty, Summer you are just too hot and Spring well you’re okay but I really do not like the mud. What I do like is fall. The nice cool crisp air, changing colors, pumpkin flavored everything. It is the start to the holiday season which brings family together…speaking of the family….


Number 5.

My All Time Favorite My Family.

Not that this is even close to all of them but, I adore them all. These people make each and every single day better. I may not have tons of money but the people I call family, they are my true treasures. I am blessed.


Mama’s Losin’ It
Photo credits minus the family photo k go to the artists at who choose to share their art with the rest of us.

Breaking The Ice

There was a lot of melting happening today and with the melting, icicles were falling off the roof. I have to tell you I was a bit afraid one of our Miniature Poodles would be hit or even killed by all this falling ice.

Maine Ice hanging from roof

So I went out and did what any loving dog Mama would do. I went right on out there and started throwing snowballs at them. This, of course, intrigued my 15-year-old son who wanted to know what his crazy Mom was up to. I am sure I looked rather funny out there in my pajamas throwing snowballs at the house. So he did what any good son would do.  He joined in.

Breaking The Ice

I cherish these moments with him. I know they are quickly slipping by. He is a sweet boy, with a laugh and a smile that bring joy into a somber room with ease. He reminds me in many ways of my “Dad”. He goes at life with this curiosity and excitement that makes you want to sit there with him and figure things out too.

So we hit all the dangerous crazy huge icicles. The dogs can now safely wander out and do their business.  I guess that sorta makes us heroes LOL.


As a side note, mid afternoon it was hardly cold out hence the t-shirt for in the moment play.