Baby Milestones Multicolored Monthly Numbers Months 1 – 12 Free Printables

There is nothing more wonderful than watching your baby grow and change each month. Each month brings new and exciting milestones for you as a mom. Why not remember them each month with a photo of your sweet baby at each stage. We are happy to offer you  and your baby this wonderful free printable. Congratulations on your new little one. May you both have a wonderful first year together.

To download the whole set of numbers for your free  first twelve months stickers please click the link below. This is a PDF file. These are free for your personal use. Do not distribute as your own. Below is a sample of month one.

Below you may download them for free they are in PDF format. They must be printed letter-sized (8.5″ × 11″) full sheet of sticker , then simply cut them out, and stick them on your infants clothing to celebrate each month with a photo.

Baby Milestone Month to Month Printable.


Baby One Month


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