7 Ways To Creatively Use Up Those Hard Boiled Eggs From Easter

I do not know about your children but my kids love to dye hard boiled eggs for Easter. What they do not like is eating the bazillion eggs they colored. So over the years, I have used them in a bunch of different and creative ways so they get eaten up!

Easter Eggs hard eoiled eggs and what to do with them after Easter

  1. Add them to a salad.

    We love adding hard-boiled eggs to salads. Either a green salad or some sort of pasta salad. Very simple and healthy. Simply slice them up and add them.

  2. Meatloaf Surprise!

    I do this with my normal recipe. (Though the recipe in the video looks yummy as well.)  It makes it a tad different with the eggs running through the center. When my kids were little they thought it was magic.

  3.  Deviled Eggs my personal favorite!

    Head on over to WikiHow to get four fantastic deviled egg recipes from classic to something a bit more flair.  http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Deviled-Eggs

  4. Of course, there is the old standby of Eggs Salad Sandwiches

    Very simple and I am sure hands down my children’s favorite.

  5. Slice them and add them to any sandwich.

    Add boiled egg to your sandwich www.simplymoms.net

  6. Add them to your potato salad.

    Many families in our parenting group are in warm enough weather to BBQ. What better way to use up those eggs than to bring a huge potato salad with lots of hard boiled eggs added in?

  7. Don’t overlook your dog.

    Eggs are a great source of very digestible protein, riboflavin, and selenium. So an egg will be a welcome and healthy treat for them as well. (Source moderndogmagazine.com)

What to do with hard boiled eggs left over from easter www.simplymoms.net


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18 thoughts on “7 Ways To Creatively Use Up Those Hard Boiled Eggs From Easter

  1. I’m lucky because my kiddos love eggs. They will just eat the boiled eggs for snacks after school.
    Even at 11, 13 and 17 they still love decorating eggs. I still love decorating eggs, I mean, who doesn’t? 🙂

    • We all love it too and a few will have a couple as they are but, it gets old fast and we have a large family so we decorate a ton LOL so they have to be used up other ways as well.

  2. I’m the one who loves hard boiled eggs in my household so love your tips. Will get little one to colour them then i’ll eat them as above, hahahaha

  3. Aw, I wish we still decorated eggs :(.
    And these are all great ideas. I love eggs anyway, so if no one else helped eat them, I’d do it!

  4. I was in charge of an egg dying activity at church. Boiled 8 doz eggs. Didn’t eat a single one and I am still sick of eggs! Though I will be thinking of egg salad now that you mention it.
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