3 Heart-Warming Books Your Preschooler Will Beg You To Read

Ladies let me tell you. I have been raising children for the better part of 27 years. Reading to them has always been one of my very favorite parts of the day. However, I will say when a new children’s book rolls out I am super excited. I am possibly even more excited than my kids because if I have to read The Foot Book one more time… You know what I am talking about, don’t you?  So let’s just say I am always looking for something new and exciting for me…err I mean them to read.

So here is my newest list of TOP 3 Favorite Children’s Books for the Preschool Crowd!


1- My Big Tree

When Maria came to me and offered me the opportunity to read her children’s book I was excited! Guess what! I was even more excited when I down loaded the book and opened it up. Oh, my, gosh! I was greeted with simple, soft, and sweet images of animals.  I knew right away that when Little Miss woke up and we could cuddle up for a story she would, in fact, love this.

My Big Tree -Childrens Book

Little Miss and I read this and I found, even more, to love about this book. It touches on colors, counting, sharing, needing space and also the need to be close to those you care about.

Some of the current things in her preschool homeschooling that we are working on.

As a three she is unaware of others feeling the need for space and this was a wonderful way of opening up that conversation with her as well as the need to be near those we love and enjoy being with. We also talked about sharing and why we should do so.

The book offers a simple story of one little bird finding a perfect tree to nest in while others find it just as wonderful for their needs. He finds it crowded and nests in another not so perfect tree. He realizes that perhaps the other tree was perfect.

I have to say, Maria’s writing and the photos in the book are a perfect night time or anytime story for the 2-4-year-old crowd. Little Miss and I both give it TWO big thumbs up!


2- Mine!

I don’t know about you and your little one but Little Miss is going through a hardcore not wanting to share phase. Good lord above PLEASE let it just be a phase. A very short one at that.

This book touches on the idea of why the main character Kitty does not want to share. She was having fun playing. On her own and in her own way.  Then her friend arrives and wants to add her special flair on Kitty’s play time.  As you can guess Kitty wants no part of her friend’s big ideas. Everything is MINE and her way! (Sounds familiar doesn’t it Moms?)

Mine! - Childrens Book

Little  Miss related to this book right away.  The bright colorful pages, the fun ideas that Kitty and her friend have and that dreaded sharing issue.

It is not only a cute colorful read with two sassy full of ideas little girls it is a wonderful teaching tool for sharing and kindness.

Little Miss and I also give this book two thumbs up and six giggles.


3- The Run Away Bunny

As a child, this was my favorite book. I read it to my kids and now I read it to Little Miss.I am sure you have heard of it or even read it as it is a children’s classic. With its soft sweet dream like pictures, it makes a wonderful bedtime read with the theme no matter what I will always love you.
The Runaway Bunny -Childrens BookHave you forgotten this one? Be sure to pick up a copy for your little one’s book collection.

Little Miss says this book gets two thumbs up as well!


What is your child’s current favorite book? How about yours? And let’s be honest what one can you no longer stand?



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