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I had a very long day . Moved four bedrooms around and I am beat. So I leave you with this.  <3

Love Yourself Quote

This Mom Life and Making Room for Blogging

Sometimes this mom life and/or grandma life gets in the way of doing the other things I enjoy. Such as blogging today. I think it is safe to say you can all relate. So I am just going to tell you a bit about my Moms Life day because, it is my goal to make room for blogging in some form each day even if it is in the wee early morning hours. It gives me a nice platform to be a bit creative 🙂  and connect with other moms .


I cleaned today. There is a big surprise. However it seems I have been quickly losing steam lately. Midafternoon I was bored out of my mind, didn’t want to clean anything more  and was seriously thinking of any excuse to get out of the house. So I mentioned to hubby I would like to go to Best Buy to checkout  their cameras.

I am not by any scope of the imagination a photographer but this is what we came up with.

Nikon – COOLPIX B500 16.0-Megapixel Digital Camera in Plum

Ahhh, she is so beautiful <3 LOVE!!!

Nikon Cool Pix

We are just waiting to get our taxes back. I played with it in the store and just loved the ease of use and the way it felt in my hand. I don’t care too much about the color but the hubby would like to see me have it in the plum color so if they have it in that color I’ll be getting that if not black is great too. The camera I have now is a FUJIFILM and it is the biggest piece of junk I have ever laid my hands on. Though to-day. I did charge its batteries and such because I do not think the cell phone pics are helping my blog much *sigh* . So that is that I am waiting on a new camera and super excited too! Then no more blurry, weird, mistimed photos. Well, at least not so often 😉 .

So after I tossed batteries in my camera I snapped a photo to make sure it was working in some capacity.

This is our miniature poodle mid face lick. Such a handsome old boy. He is Little Miss Toddlers best buddy. So very tolerant and loving with her. He loves her even more when she has a bread crust or some other yummy morsel in her hand. LOL But, he feels that way about all of us. Miss Toddler loves slipping him treats. I think he has put on considerable weight in her presence .

White Miniture Poodle


Little Miss Toddlers newest thing is using her “colors” crayons. (See why Little Miss Toddler is all wet below .)

She is very insistent though YOU color for her or watch her color. What ever at the moment suits her fancy. Tonight she captured Pop-Pop as a coloring partner. He looks adorable seated at her tiny Minnie Mouse table coloring . He is such a good father and Pop-Pop. Aways making time for the things that really matter like “colors” and snuggle time.

Colors with Pop-Pop

There is something else Little Miss Toddler likes even more than her colors and I am sure if you looked at the photo of her coloring you saw she was a very , very wet child. She enjoys this so much … She calls this “washing dishes” How ever she is not really allowed to wash dishes. What she is doing is making puddles of water. Lots of water. She is also soaking her clothing. This right here is her happiest of activities. Me, I am not a fan, LOL but I let her supervised hoping one day soon she will tire of it or turn into a tween who just thinks washing dishes is fabulous! Okay wishful thinking I know.

Toddler water play

We had a pretty simple dinner of Chop Suey and rolls. I have been craving it and the hubby is not always a fan so it was easy and yummy. The boys were thrilled as they all love pasta in any form.

Now I am off to wash towels (the work never ends) and go to bed. <–Yay!

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The One Thing I learned This Month (Yes, Toddlers Throw Tantrums)


As part of  Mama Kat’s Weekly Writers Workshop  I picked the writing prompt “The One Thing I Learned This Month” There is still time to join the fun.

As a seasoned mom, you would think I would have this under my belt. I have raised almost all of my eight children into adulthood. However, when my sweet Little Miss Toddler (Grandchild of whom I have custody) started throwing tantrums this month I was in shock. I was horrified. I was mortified. So sad and left wondering what on earth did I do here? She went from smiles and tea parties to something that resembled a cat being thrown into a pool and add in tail biting piranha.

Tantrums are normal

Then comes the phone call with my own mother. Here is little Miss Toddler building up to what I can see is a tantrum bubbling up and boiling over. She, of course, wanted to “wash her hands” Well there was no real need and she simply wanted to splash in the sink and turn my kitchen into a pool so I said those dreaded words. Not Right Now…


There it was a full-blown tantrum. Including Ear piercing, earth shattering, mind crippling screams of what surely sounded like a child who was being harmed in some hideous way. Then there was the rolling about on the floor like the Tasmanian Devil.

My mother, simply being my mother was baffled. When did this start? Why is she doing that? YOU never did this… Mind you the poor woman has forgotten most of my childhood but, she remembers me being a calm little angel. A young outstanding citizen of toddlerhood. Yes, I set the bar very high as a two-year-old. How I curse my toddler days of good manners and calmness. How wonderful that I was so well-behaved. I was most defiantly the prodigy of two-year-old good etiquette. “She is two Ma, a toddler. They have tantrums. She is fine Ma, she is normal.” Those are all the things I said to her. Then I quickly hung up. One, because I was feeling rather defensive, hurt, and my ego took a pretty good hit. Two because whatever she was saying on the other end of the phone I could no longer hear over Little Miss Toddlers howls about hand washing.


So as I set the phone down I ran to Dr. Google of course. What were other moms saying? Am I messing something up… Yep, yep, yep Dr. Google says this is normal. I felt better for a moment. Then I wondered what if all those moms are just messing up too? What if they are just justifying their horrible mistakes so other screw ups like me can feel better. Ugg!
Little Miss Toddler was still screaming, still rolling about still throwing this horrible tantrum. Then… It stopped.


She crawled up into my lap and looked into my tired eyes and hugged me tightly. She said she was sorry. She meant it and then she fell fast to sleep. As I sat holding her and watching her sweet angelic face fall deeper into slumber.
I had a revelation. I wasn’t messing up. She was simply tired. Just like all the other children I had raised at that age she had thoughts, ideas, feelings and needs they maybe just can not put into words. Just like myself when I have grumpy moments or days because I am no longer that sweet little harmonious toddler *Insert sarcasm*. I was not messing up and she certainly is not flawed. She is simply growing, learning and testing boundaries. She and I are…get this… You ready? Normal.
What I learned was. It is okay. I am not messing up. A tantrum is simply a small child’s way of handling overload, of letting off steam. I ignore tantrums and keep her safe. I speak to her calmly when she is done. I give hugs, and love and second chances, even fifth and tenth if need be. I keep loving her even when her moment is not good. I set boundaries and she keeps testing them. We are both doing a wonderful job. and You know what… So are you. We are doing a wonderful job raising these little humans.
I learned that other people’s well-intended comments even if they are your own mothers really do not add up to much. I am sure we all like to think we did a bang-up job and our little would never have dared to create such a performance but, I assure you as a child I did as did you. I guess it is sort of like labor we all know it was not easy but, we quickly forget how it really was. We forget details and want to remember the best parts. So forget all the comments, let go of well-meaning but, not so great advice. Because like it or not…

Tantrums are normal. 



Mama’s Losin’ It

Homemade Finger Paints

Little Miss Toddler loves anything messy. She loves anything artsy.  What I do not love is anything that is toxic or that I have no clue what it may contain. Yes, she is two and yes, she puts things in her mouth.  So I try to make sure her stuff is very safe. Lot’s of people add dish soap into the recipe. I just do not think that is wise and as long as you do not go over the top adding food coloring clean up should be a breeze. Just use the soap after to clean up if you like.

Homemade Finger PaintsHere is what you will need to make your finger paints

4 tablespoons sugar

1/2 cup corn starch

2 cups of cold water

Food colorings

Small containers

In a nonstick sauce pan add sugar and corn starch whisk together. Add cold water and stir. Turn the heat to medium and stir constantly until mixture thickens. Divide into containers add colors and stir then in well and be sure to cool them well.

Fingerpainting with homemade finger paintsAs you can see we have an easel . It is older and we were unconcerned about damage so we allowed her to paint directly on the white board. They do make finger paint paper and I am told you can use wax paper. I have even used white construction paper. As for the easel the finger paint just wiped right off and left no makes. However that was our experience it may not be yours.

Toddler finger paintingShe had so much fun. It was really nice because it was simple, cheap, safe and I had everything to make it on hand.

We work on mixing colors to make new ones, making shapes and pictures. It was a wonderful messy time, after all those are the best times.

Morning Coffee Break

Coffee Break and Kings 8:56

My Frugal .69 Cent Closet Makeover

Not every little update in your home has to break your bank account. Nor does it have to be perfect. Just functional. Like this frugal closet makeover.

The one thing when we moved into this house that I never cared for was this horrible “linen closet” It may have even have been used as a pantry at one time prior to us living here. Personally, I Use it for towels and so forth because it is right out side the bathroom. The place we live in is a rental and to be truthful I am not investing too much into it time or money. So I sort of fixed it up quick and on the extreme cheap. I didn’t do any thing fancy, or impressive I am simply sharing so the next person can get ideas and yeah maybe even do better than I did so if you did a more impressive closet makeover be sure to share it in the comments below.

Closet makeover needed

As you can see it is a mess! I’m not trying to hide that.

The plastic shopping bags were out of control. I bagged them all in one big bag and put them on a shelf in the barn. I discovered dog food had been spilled, not that I can say I am surprised in this horrific mess. This also I am sure gives you a pretty good idea of why something needed to be done with this closet. Yuck! My towels are not pictured because they were all in the washer. My little closet makeover is way overdue.

I swept it out and quickly wiped it down. Not that it helped much but, that didn’t really matter because I just wanted it to be clean for painting.

I slapped a couple of layers of paint on that we had. So that cost to me was pretty much nothing.  You can still see it is not perfect but, that is really ok by me. It no longer looks like the Chokey on Matilda. I even painted the floor.  I may just but some stick on tiles since I would not need too many and they not too costly.

Not bad for quick and what was already laying around.

Tonight while I was at Kmart I saw that Christmas wrapping paper was 90% off. So I grabbed a roll that was screaming Merry Christmas! It was a whole .69 cents. Nice thick good quality paper. Yes, I could have gone to the Dollar Tree but, I was at Kmart when the idea hit me LOL. My idea was to do every shelf but, surprise… The upper two shelves do not remove. So I just painted those it was easier.

Yes, I know the pictures are not great quality but here is where the rest of the wrapping paper went with a bit left over for some more fun. She has a blast drawing on her huge paper. So, for .69 cents a couple of shelves got covered and Miss Toddler had fun and my closet looks way better.

Nothing overly extreme or fancy but, it certainly looks much fresher and all the clutter is gone and it is nice and tidy.

To be honest it looks nicer in person. Time to get a camera that is not on my cell phone. 🙂

Update: I even have enough paper left to do my drawers. This mom is getting things done.

Before… how utterly embarrassing.

And after.

Thanks for reading.

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Morning Coffee and the Lord’s Word

Trust in the Lord with all your heart….

10 Things That Have Kept My Marriage Together 26 Years and Counting

I am the first to admit my marriage is not perfect it is and always will be a work in progress.  It is not perfect. What is? This is real life not a fairy tale. Very few people have a perfect life. What makes it work is there is always love, trust, honesty, compassion and forgiveness somewhere in the midst of everything.

He stole my heart and I stole his last name

  1. We are opposite in many aspects of life. We balance one another. He is tough when I am weak. I am thrifty and he is a spender.  I am the cleaner and he is more messy. There is a balance.
  2. We enjoy being around one another and share in some of the same interests. Even if that interest is as simple as a TV program that we watch together or working on a project around the house.
  3. We allow each other our own time, space and interests. Alone time and space is important.
  4. We have traditional roles. It works for us personally.
  5. We have similar values when it comes to family and raising children.
  6. We argue passionately because neither of us like to be wrong…But we also make up quickly. No-one stays mad for weeks days or even hours. We may be sharp-tongued but once it is done it is done. Some people don’t get that and that’s okay.
  7. We are extremely honest. Neither of us are good at sugar-coating any thing or keeping secrets. Frankly, I am glad it is that way because I don’t have to wonder or second guess things.
  8. We both decided long ago that marriage is life commitment. We don’t work at calling it quits because it is simply not an option we work together are getting things right even if at times we have to start over and try again. The thing is we are both will to keep working at it.
  9. We intentionally do little things to make each other happy. I am not talking gifts (Well some times) For instance he hates tons of bottles of shampoos out so I keep all but what I am using put away. He knows I dislike clothes on the bathroom floor so he puts his in the hamper. Now the kids…that’s another post .
  10. We never , ever, ever leave the house with out kissing the other person and saying I love you. Even if we have been in a heated argument.

Tell me, what makes your marriage work? What have you figured out along the way?


Coffee or Tea

I love coffee. I love tea. Bella makes me both because she loves me! I do love my mornings with this little one.

So, beyond my pretend coffee and tea. What do you prefer? I run on coffee.

Free Printable Menu Planner

In effort to hopefully save some money the hubby and I have been talking about a menu plan. So I quickly tossed this Free 30 Day Menu Planner  together so I can fill it in with nightly dinners and tape to  the fridge each month. Because menu planning by the seat of my pants is really not working. I figured I would share it with you as well simply click the link and print away.

menu_planner  <–Click to open printable menu planner

Below is a screen shot of how the menu planner looks. Enjoy <3