15 Super Huge wonderful Excuses I Use That Cause Me Not To Blog

Every month I play for my web hosting for this blog that I so love. Every day there are so many excuses why I didn’t post a new blog. Listed are my top 15. What are your best excuses? *This blog is part of Mama Kat’s Writers Work Shop using the prompt write a blog post in 15 lines*

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The 15 best excuses I use to not blog. www.simplymoms.net

My top 15 excuses for not blogging yesterday, the day before that and beyond….

  1. No one is reading what I wrote. (Well boo hoo write it anyhow!)
  2. I have to clean the house in a huge circle. (Clean once and take a bloggy break!)
  3. My husband/children won’t stop talking incessantly and I can not think. (Someone please send noise canceling headphones!)
  4. There’s nothing to write about I am a boring person. ( Do something fun then!)
  5. People will judge me if I write about XYZ. (They will also judge you if you do not write it.)
  6. I can’t post what I want because the family will read it. (Oh, well.)
  7. My grammar sucks so why bother? (Hey girl it has improved so much! Be proud of that!)
  8. There are so much better bloggers than me out there than me. (Yes, and there are worse ones too.)
  9. That idea has been done 100 times over so why bother? (Who cares? Why do you care?)
  10. I hate following all these blogger rules. :/ (Why are  following these rules again?)
  11. I am too tired. (Stop staying up reading other people blogs!.)
  12. I would rather be outside enjoying life.( Yes! Then you can write about it!)
  13. I need to write that sponsored post first so I’ll be frustrated and write nothing. (Who made that rule up? Me? why?)
  14.  Someone will mistake my weird off the beaten path humor for rudeness so I won’t blog that. (Maybe that is why I write so flat)
  15. The grandchild wants me to read to her. (That’s gotta happen because <3 Books! <3 !)

Love Jennifer


5 thoughts on “15 Super Huge wonderful Excuses I Use That Cause Me Not To Blog

  1. JUST DO IT! Do it for yourself. You will love looking back on some of the memories you write about here and I think it’s a bit therapeutic. Maybe leave out offensive family stories for the sake of their own privacy, but there are so many other things to focus on (including exactly what you listed here). But I feel you on the lack of inspiration…sometimes you just don’t feel like it!

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