10 Things That Have Kept My Marriage Together 26 Years and Counting

I am the first to admit my marriage is not perfect it is and always will be a work in progress.  It is not perfect. What is? This is real life not a fairy tale. Very few people have a perfect life. What makes it work is there is always love, trust, honesty, compassion and forgiveness somewhere in the midst of everything.

He stole my heart and I stole his last name

  1. We are opposite in many aspects of life. We balance one another. He is tough when I am weak. I am thrifty and he is a spender.  I am the cleaner and he is more messy. There is a balance.
  2. We enjoy being around one another and share in some of the same interests. Even if that interest is as simple as a TV program that we watch together or working on a project around the house.
  3. We allow each other our own time, space and interests. Alone time and space is important.
  4. We have traditional roles. It works for us personally.
  5. We have similar values when it comes to family and raising children.
  6. We argue passionately because neither of us like to be wrong…But we also make up quickly. No-one stays mad for weeks days or even hours. We may be sharp-tongued but once it is done it is done. Some people don’t get that and that’s okay.
  7. We are extremely honest. Neither of us are good at sugar-coating any thing or keeping secrets. Frankly, I am glad it is that way because I don’t have to wonder or second guess things.
  8. We both decided long ago that marriage is life commitment. We don’t work at calling it quits because it is simply not an option we work together are getting things right even if at times we have to start over and try again. The thing is we are both will to keep working at it.
  9. We intentionally do little things to make each other happy. I am not talking gifts (Well some times) For instance he hates tons of bottles of shampoos out so I keep all but what I am using put away. He knows I dislike clothes on the bathroom floor so he puts his in the hamper. Now the kids…that’s another post .
  10. We never , ever, ever leave the house with out kissing the other person and saying I love you. Even if we have been in a heated argument.

Tell me, what makes your marriage work? What have you figured out along the way?


2 thoughts on “10 Things That Have Kept My Marriage Together 26 Years and Counting

  1. Love this post. We also would never leave the house without giving each other a kiss and saying “I love you” even if we have been arguing. Intentionally doing little things to make each other happy can make such a difference too. I try to focus more on the things that my husband does right than on the things he does wrong – it’s all too easy to get the balance wrong sometimes, but it makes such a difference when we do focus on the positives.

    • Some days I admit I have to look a bit harder for the positive but, that is more about me having a bad moment than any thing to do with him. Thankfully he can also look past my flaws as well. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

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