5 home decor tips that are always trending

I am excited to share with you all a guest post by Julie Austin. She has written a wonderful article exclusively for Simply Moms. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I have. ~Jenn


Decorating your home with tips trending is always a good idea, they make you feel up to date. Decorating trends come and go quickly but there are always some things always hanging around. We have five home décor tips for you that are still going strong.


1 – Go Green

The breathing plants and flowers make a house look lively and much more realistic plus they are always trending!

Yes, you have probably seen a lot of people using artificial plants and flowers in their house all the time, but they are just not aware of the fact that living plants and flowers are the prettiest. You can water them daily and keep them near a window so it can get its mandatory sunshine as well. You should avoid using artificial things and get more real. Going green has been the best home décor tip since it adds calmness and promotes peace in the house. If you think that adding plants to your home might require a lot of maintenance, then you’re wrong because some plants need nothing but water and some sun. The breathing plants and flowers make a house look lively and much more realistic plus they are always trending!


2 – Flooring

Wooden floor has taken the lead and look marvelous merged in with the rest of the room.

Yes, carpet might have been trending some years ago, but nowadays it’s all wood! People have switched from carpet to wood since quite some years now. Wooden floor has taken the lead and look marvelous merged in with the rest of the room. It blends in with every color, pattern, and décor. The wooden color also complements the other things such as rugs and pillows in the chamber well. You can add the pop of colors as well.


3 – Lucite

It is a transparent or translucent plastic material that has been trending for some time now.

It is a transparent or translucent plastic material that has been trending for some time now. It is famous for hand towels, drawers, tables, chair legs and the list goes on and on. People tend to use this material because of its non-existent color which blends in with almost anything. It is a fashionable accessory and does not even require such high maintenance.


4 – Brass and Gold

Metallic colors were always in, and they are perfect for the kitchen.

Metallic colors were always in, and they are perfect for the kitchen. People will be mesmerized by the way your kitchen looks if it contains stainless steel appliances and a golden faucet or light fixture. People have preferred brass and gold over silver since a long time now.


5 – Stop clutter

Simplicity and minimalism have been the key to an elegant and clean house

You should be adding the things that are required in the house and not dump everything in the rooms. When decorating the home or adding new furniture to your house, make sure not to overdo it. Simplicity and minimalism have been the key to an elegant and clean house. People always try to keep the items in the room at their minimum rate. You can donate items that you no longer need or just put them all in the store.

Other than all this, make sure to invest on quality furniture. For the bedroom of adults, a couch is an absolute necessary and as far as the kids are concerned, for their bedroom, a nursery glider is a must have thing. It makes an amazing impression. I hope it helps. Stay safe!


About the Author:

Julie Austin is a blogger who loves to write about home improvement. She is sociable and kind and loves to decorate almost everything! In her free time, she enjoys sunset with her friends at the seashore. Read her posts at http://nurserygliderz.com/

My Easy Peasy Morning Cleaning Routine.

I am a person of habit. There are some things I almost never stray from and my morning cleaning routine is one of them because as an adult with adult ADHD routine helps me stay focused and on task. My cleaning schedule takes me less than an hour each morning. Partly because I clean a bit before I go to bed so nothing builds up too much. This is not a deep cleaning schedule just a simple daily work through.

Choose simple effective tools for your cleaning routine.

My Tools of The Trade

  • Laundry basket or any large size basket
  • Broom, dustpan, vacuum, and mop
  • Cleaning Rags
  • Some sort of multi-purpose cleaner


My Personal Secrets

A very long time ago a good friend asked me how I keep my home so clean with all my children running around and to share my secrets. So today I will share some of them with you.

  • The laundry basket is key. As I clean each room I fill the basket with things that need to go in other rooms. That way there is no running from room to room and getting off track.
  • Always leave a room better than when you walked in. If I enter a room I straighten up a bit up or put things in their place.
  • Clutter makes it harder to clean I keep my flat surfaces pretty clear of nick knacks, junk, stray items and even small appliances.
  • Everything should have a home.  If something is out of place you should easily know where it goes.
  • Don’t let things build up clean spills as they happen and pick up as you go.

A cleaning routine is an important part of maintaining your home.

How I do it.

Have a routine do that routine until you can do it in your sleep. Below is mine. Feel free to do it the same tweak it or laugh and run.

  1. I love coffee and it is pretty much the way I start my day. That works out because while it is brewing I clean the dishes. I either hand wash them or load and start the dishwasher. If there is the time I toss in a load of wash.
  2. Once my coffee is done I check emails while I drink it or make a phone call or two.
  3. I clean off the counter, table and any toys Little Miss has scattered around the kitchen and place things that need to be put away in my basket.
  4. Flat surfaces get sprayed down as well as the surfaces in the bathroom with multi surface spray cleaner and I WALK  AWAY.
  5. The kitchen gets swept then the bathroom.
  6. The sprayed surfaces get wiped. and the toilet quickly swished most of the time I just spray on my surface cleaner.
  7. In the living room with my handy basket, I toss in misplaced items and Vacuum and quickly dust with a slightly damp cleaning cloth.
  8. Bedrooms are next and these days the boys do their own. I make the beds, sweep, toss items in my basket and put found ones away. Then I vacuum and make the beds (If my husband is already up I make it as I get out of it.) and dust surfaces with a slightly damp cloth.
  9. Last I mop. I have a shark steam mop and it makes for quick mopping. I love it!

Through out the rest of the day, I pick up as needed.

How to clean faster and better. Simple tips for a cleaning routine you can do each morning in under an hour!

Just a few more words on cleaning.

There are a few things I want to say.

One pick tools that are simple and help you clean quicker. My steam mop is an example of that. I simply fill it with water heat it up and go. Super easy. No messy mop or heavy water buckets to drag around.

So, to say the least, I’m not a fan of paper towels so I recycle old towels into cleaning rags. I find they add that scrubbiness that paper towels lack any how.

I do not do clutter. Clutter slows down the cleaning process. I keep the stuff on my surfaces to a minimum on purpose. Yes, I said that above but it bears repeating. If you are moving all these little things to clean you are wasting valuable time.


My routine works for me and I hope it gives you an idea or two.

What is your cleaning Routine like? We would LOVE to hear your tips as well!

Love Jennifer


Pley Box Unboxing for July

Our pley box was given to use free of charge in exchange for our honest review. This post contains affiliate links. Should you order we get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Disney Princess box, Disney Princess Subscription Box, Disney Pleybox, toys, toy subscription, princess subscription

Guess what Simply Moms Readers!

Our Pley box just arrived and we are going to unbox it for you all!


Unboxing our very exciting Disney Princess Pley Box and how to get yours! www.simplymoms.net


We are excited!

What Disney Princess will it be this month?

Our Disney Pley box just arrived and we are so excited!


“Oh guess who it is Giga!!!!”

Toddler takes a peel to see who is in her Disney Princess box.


“It’s Rapunzel! I can play with my castle with these and there are TWO horses!”

Rapunzel figurine set

Rapunzel’s magic wand and it lights up!

Rapunzel wand

She is very excited!

She is already casting spells!


Magic wand- already casting spells


Disney princess, mystery box, subscription box, toys, toy box


Look! She made Luck Dog appear! Amazing!

I made Lucky Dog Appear!

She seriously enjoys the water color paint set. Me too. These paint pens come preloaded with paint so it is way less messy. The colors are vibrant and flow really nice. As you can see in this post she loves to paint, mostly herself LOL.

Painting time with Rapunzel

If you loved our Disney Princess mystery box as much as we did click here to see how you can order a subscription for your little princess!


I Created an Area Rug On a Budget

I love projects that I can build upon a bit at a time such as this area rug made from Dollar Tree carpet tiles.

How we created an area rug for a childs play space on a tight budget. www.simplymoms.net

We are apartment dwellers and the home we live in is older and has hard wood floors. Hard wood is wonderful but not very forgiving to a child who spends a lot of time playing on them or my feet.

Carpet Tiles

While browsing the Dollar Tree I came across these “rug remnants” they caught my eye because of the thick rubber backing. I originally purchased just one for a door mat in from of my entryway door. I also looked them up online and found out they are carpet tiles. You can do wall to wall with them or area rugs like I have. They do not need padding because it is built in. Some say you can use adhesive to hold them down. But I find on a clean floor they do not move unless little miss moves them intentionally. The rubber holds them still. So I decided that they would make a great area rug for Little Miss’s bed room.

Create and area rug with carpet tile on a budget www.simplymoms.net

Creating The Area Rug

If like myself you grab these from the Dollar Tree have an open mind. They do not carry all one pattern sometimes there is one of this and six of that. Mix and match. I was more than okay with that as I figured for a child’s play space the mix and match would look fun. Creating the rug is as simple as buying your tiles and plopping them down on a clean floor edge to edge in a way that looks pleasing to you.

With carpet tile you can add to your area rug as you like.

We started out smaller just to see if they would slide around. Each tile is 19′ x 19″ So the rug we started out with would have been a good bit over 4X4 feet. 4.75 X 4.75 to be exact. As you can see with little Miss standing there it is a nice size to sit and play on. The original cost us  $12.00.

We ended up because of her large amount of toys and her need for a bigger bed moving her in the largest room in the place. So we expanded her rug area. With my plan to add around it until most of the room is covered in carpet.

Frugal, easy to change and move area rug from carpet tiles.

What was your latest frugal do it your self project? Please share in the comments below.

How to set up a sewing room: top tips to make your sewing easier!

Guest Post by Hannah @ Sizzle Stitch

I don’t know about you, but for me, a big part of being an active person means constantly having to stitch up things or work on DIY projects that imply sewing to some extent. Before, I used to have all my sewing essentials crowded up in a drawer somewhere, but I soon figured that was just impractical. Not only did my tools not fit in there, but I also got into the habit of leaving them all over the house. So the only thing that saved me from this ordeal was setting up a space where to keep all of my sewing tools and fabrics. If you are dealing with the same issue, keep on reading to learn all the best sewing tips and tricks on how to set up a sewing room.

Sewing Room tips to organizing your sewing room.

  1. Decide on the space


When it comes to the best sewing room ideas, what you need to know is that they all have a common starting point, and that is deciding on the space that is going to be used. At this point all you have to know about how to set up a sewing room is the space you are going utilize. You actually don’t have to pick a large room, but one large enough so that you can fit a desk or sewing table and a storage area.


  1. Furniture and equipment


The second step in setting up the sewing room is to decide on what type of furniture and equipment you are going to use. One of the best sewing tips you can get at this point is to make sure to go around the house and see what furniture you are not using. You don’t necessarily have to make a big purchase in furniture. A desk or a table where you can work on your projects would be more than enough. Of course, if you are set on making the sewing room look as professionally as possible then you might have to invest in some equipment and furniture.


  1. Have a plan


If you want to know how to set up a sewing room in such a way that it perfectly matches all of your needs then you should start up with a plan and go from there. Make sure to take a pen and paper and draw different ways in which every single detail could go, from furniture, to shelves and cabinets.


  1. Organize everything


I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do is organize threads, needles, pins and pin cushions. This is exactly why I believe this to be one of the most relaxing stages in setting up a sewing room. Take all of your equipment, tools and sewing notions and find a place for each and every one of them. Just make sure to save up as much space as possible so that you don’t end up with a cluttered working space.


  1. Decorate


Last, but not least, make sure to decorate your new sewing room. There are planty wonderful sewing room ideas online. You can even get your kids to help and make a fun experience out of it. All you have to do is be creative and work on it so that you are nothing less but thrilled with the final result.


There are, no doubt, plenty of ways to organize or set up a sewing room. However, I believe that coming up with a solution that fits your needs is the most important thing. This is why there should be a considerable amount of planning, sketching and trying various options before you get to do the actual work. This way you are guaranteed to create a working space that you can actually use, not just a simple storing place for your tools and materials. Don’t forget to think about the lighting and to have a perfect picture of the final result in your mind.


About the Author – I’m Hannah and I am a huge crafts enthusiast with a passion for sewing and creating cool things. I have a large interest in fashion and enjoy spending time with my friends and family. Read more about me here

Why Children Should Do Chores

This guest post was written and submitted by  Tilly Sanders .

Children and chores - time to clean up

Photo credit pexels.com

Not many children like cleaning and this is not surprising. Kids adore playing and if we lose them of sight for just a couple of minutes, they will make a real mess in our home. We can’t expect from our kids to clean like we do but we can at least encourage them to help us clean. This may not be as easy as it sounds but if you are patient and persistent enough, you can build the habit of cleaning in your child.

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should involve your kids in the process of cleaning.

  1. They help you with the household chores

Children usually make a big mess when they are playing and never put the toys back in their rightful place. They also don’t put the dishes near the sink, neither the dirty clothes in the laundry basket. However, children need to learn that like everybody else in the family, they also need to help with the cleaning, instead of waiting for somebody else to take care of everything.


  1. They become more responsible

If your children help you with the cleaning, they will learn to take responsibilities and discover that it is not only playing that they need to be engaged in. This unpleasant activity will help them become reliable grown-ups.


  1. They learn what is hard work

Cleaning is a great way for children to learn the importance of hard work. The knowledge that they need to put efforts for everything in life will help them achieve their goals easily.


  1. They will develop important skills that can be applied later in life

Stimulate your kids to help you with the house work because they will acquire good qualities and later when they are independent, they will be able to deal with everything themselves and won’t depend on other people.


  1. They learn to appreciate things

When children clean they actually see how much efforts it costs you to ensure clean and healthy atmosphere for them in your home. Knowing that they are those who will clean later, they won’t walk with dirty feet inside anymore and will keep everything clean.


  1. You will spend more time together

If it was possible, kids would spend every minute with their parents. If you are working too much and often arrive home when your children are already sleeping, cleaning may be a good way to spend more time together. Just present it as a pleasant game and don’t concentrate on results too much. This is how your children won’t accept cleaning as an unpleasant duty.


  1. They will build hygiene and healthy habits

Teach your children that they need to help you create clean and sanitized atmosphere in your home and one day when they are living in their own house, they will know how to maintain it clean. It gives a great feeling to be an example for your children.
There are many reasons why your kids should help you clean. However, all children are different. Some of them have no problems with helping with the house work, while others may not want to contribute to it at all. Fortunately, children are easily manipulated and if they have a good stimulation, they will always help you clean. Try different methods and choose what works best for your family. Keep in mind that your children are not able to clean your home the way you do and lower your expectations. Just involve your children in the household work and sooner or later they will get used to being part of the cleaning crew.

Bio:  Tilly Sanders is an owner of a small cleaning company named  Sparkling Cleaners London based in London, United Kingdom. She has one lovely child that she loves more than everything In her free time she likes to write articles related to cleaning, organizing, and eco.

DISNEY Princess Ariel Pley Box Unboxing

**This post contains affiliate links. I make a small commission from each sale at no extra cost to you. Our Pley Box was provided free of charge for us to review. That did not alter my honest opinion of this product. I only review products that I love, trust and use myself.**

Little Miss had been hearing for some time that she had a surprise coming in the mail. She LOVES the mail. In fact, she loves the mail so much that when we get packages she gives them to the family member they belong to and insists they sit beside her on the couch so she can see what they got. Her absolute favorite is my junk mail she thinks it came just for her and gets so excited to open “her” mail. I told her this mail would be a package just for her and it would have princess stuff in it. My Lord two favorites in one! Mail and princesses. So each day we would watch for her DISNEY Princess Pley Box.

Disney Princess box, Disney Princess Subscription Box, Disney Pleybox, toys, toy subscription, princess subscription

Little Miss was very happy her surprise came in a large pink box. Surely if it comes in a PINK box it must be super awesome. Let me tell you. It did not disappoint at all! Keep in mind with the box in hand all I knew was it would be something to do with a DISNEY princess.

The boxes are a mystery to everyone until you receive it and open it, that is half the fun!

DISNEY Pley Box Packaging

Right on the very top of the box was this super cute pair of Princess Ariel pajamas! Little Miss was so excited!  She wanted to wear them right then and there. From what I understand most boxes contain a T-shirt so it was really neat to pull out some PJ’s. They are good quality and have stood up to many washes with little shrinkage and no fading at all. They are her very favorite pajamas now.

DISNEY Ariel Pajamas -Pley Box

The DISNEY Princess Ariel fashion doll is just the right size to play with those “other fashion dolls” She was so in awe of this beautiful doll with her vivid soft flowing red hair and mermaid clothing. “Giga she is a fishy like Mr. Blue!” ( She has a pet beta fish she adores.) She quickly introduced this Princess to all her new friends “The fashion dolls”. They have been the best of friends since.

DISNEY Princess Ariel fashion doll -Pley Box

Not the best photo it focused on that gorgeous doll. Isn’t she just so pretty? What little girl would not fall in love with her?

ARIEL from DISNEY childrens sunglasses. PLEY BOX

Little Miss is 2 and just a bit more than a 1/2 and the glasses fit her little face well. They had UV protection stickers on them so while they are cute as can be they are also protecting her eyes all while looking like a diva.

Sunglasses for children DISNEY PRINCESS green Ariel - Pley Box

Flounder is made of harder rubber I am guessing. Taking him in the pool or bath does not seem to bother him at all. Little Miss gets a kick out of having him to play with amongst her bath toys. He is no worse for wear. He is a fish after all 😉 .

and we have a Flounder the fish PLEY BOX

Of course, Flounder must get a kiss because she loves him! Included in every box is also an activity book. In this book, you will also find instructions on making each box into a castle you can color. Though this one turned into a ship. It also includes a little story about the princess and other fun activities.

Fish Kiss

All in all, I am very impressed with our very first Pley Box. Everything was packaged well and really nice quality. Almost a month later Little Miss is still playing with and wearing the things that she got in her box.

DISNEY Pley Box unboxing

If you are interested in a Pley Box subscription for your little princess check out the DISNEY Pley Box Here .

 Included in this months box?

  • Pajamas
  • Ariel Fashion Doll
  • Child sized sunglasses
  • Small Flounder the fish figure
  • Pley Magazine
  • The box that turns into a ship.


Love Jennifer


Blue Sky Tag Challange

I was nominated  by Anna Kat over at her blog: Victoria Lee Home
I urge you to stop by her beautiful blog. It will not disappoint.
Blue Sky Tag Challenge
1.  When did you realize you had talent as a writer?
    I have a hard time calling it talent. I simply enjoy it. It’s been a hard road for me to put myself out there and really put some effort into blogging because I know I need to gain better skills. With that said I feel I do have something to offer other regardless.
2.  If you weren’t working as a blogger/writer, what career would you have?
I always thought I would want to be a teacher. Now I am thinking it would be something more related to web design or writing.
3.  Who inspires you the most?
Growing up I never really had the best role models. However, on the internet, I have met some amazing woman. They inspire me daily to be a better mom/grandma, writer, friend, wife, and homemaker.
4.  What is the favorite city you have traveled to?
Sadly we do not really travel but my favorite city is Apache Junction, AZ. I love being down in the valley…the sun, all the pools, the flatness, a number of things to do during any given season. I lived there for almost four years as a teen and still miss it to this day.
5.  What are your goals for 2018?
To take a writing class. To increase the following on my blog. Maybe, just maybe to make a small income from my blog. I love blogging just to blog but would also very much love to help support my family doing something I love from home.
6.  What is your hope for your readers?
That they find something they love here and they will return. That they will enjoy getting to know me and my family. Most of all though that they find something each day that makes them smile.
7.  If you could meet one blogger, who would it be?
Honestly, I could not pick just one. Thelma from Adventures as aProverbs 31 Mommy, Dana from  Luv’n Lambert Life, and Michelle from High Heels and Homework these three because they have been such a huge influence on my blogging. Oh my, gosh though there really is such a long list of women who I adore and would just love to meet.
8.  If a movie was made about your life, who would be cast to play you?
 Roseanne Barr, she is witty, funny with a nice slice of sarcastic, sort of like me.Her role on Roseanne was so much like me it’s scary.
9.  What other creative talent do you have?
I love to sew when I have the time or Little Miss is not “helping” I can also bake some pretty mean loaves of homemade bread.
10.  Name one affirmation you recite to yourself daily?
Lately, with a toddler in tow, it is “This too shall pass.” She is in the get into everything and tantrum phase. It will pass…Right? 😉
11.  If you could eliminate one disease, which would it be?
Cancer, all cancer. My bonus dad has bone cancer. It is a hard thing to watch someone you love suffer and to be told there is no cure. **As a side note even though he is terminal at this point he has stunned his team of doctors and is doing exceptionally well. He is one hell of a fighter**
Below in no special order are my 11 choices.
5) Stephanie | Diary of a Debutante
6) Emily | Emulating Emily
7) Riddhi | Wife of an Engineer
Unfortunately, I was unable to come up with 11 blogs. However, if you would like to take part contact me and I would be glad to review your blog and possibly add it to the list.
 Bloggers, here are the rules for participating in the challenge:
1.Start by thanking the person who nominated you and adding a link to their blog.
2.Answer the 11 questions I give you at the end of this post.
3.Nominate 11 other bloggers whose blog you think is amazing.
4.Give them 11 questions of your choice.
Here is your list of questions from me:
  1. What is one aspect of blogging that you love?
  2. Who is a blogger do you most closely relate to and why?
  3. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to blogging?
  4. What is a struggle or challenge you have overcome in life?
  5. What most recently made you laugh?
  6. What is something you would love to learn to do?
  7. What is something you have learned from another blog?
  8. If you have a day all to yourself to do anything you like what are you doing?
  9. Where is a place you would love to visit and why?
  10. When it comes to blogging are you a share it all sort of person, very private or someplace in the middle?
  11. What are some of your lesser-known talents?
 Thank you so much to all you readers who take a moment to drop a comment it makes doing this blog so much fun. I appreciate you all more than you could imagine.
Love Jennifer

Walmart Clearance Small Haul Clothes and Shoes


I admit to three things.

One) Shopping is a huge love of mine.

Two) A money tree I do not have.

Three) Bargains are something I adore!

How she saved money on clothing and shoes!

My Guess is a few of you are in the same boat right along with me.  I still buy stuff, but I shop clearance, thrift shops, discount stores like the Dollar Tree and so forth. I almost never pay full price.

Every time I walk into Walmart the first thing I check is shoes.  Much of the time I can find the cutest toddler shoes for three dollars and under. Sometimes even just for a dollar like the other day.

The other day when I was in Wal-mart I looked at shoes and also quickly through the womens clothing. I found some awesome deals!

Everything I purchased was just a dollar each!

Silver glitter baby shoes Garanimals brand

The original price was $9.98 they were on clearance at $1.00

The photo does not show but they are sparkly glitter like silver. They are a size two, purchased for my newest grandchild to grow into.

faded Glory Mint colored canvas Mary Janes shoes with white polka dots.

This style shoe has been Little Miss’s summer go to. They are perfect for shorts and even fancier dresses. Originally priced at $5.96 I paid $1.00.  She has two other pairs I paid $3.00 for earlier in the season.

Capri Length Leggings

I also found my adult daughter these capri length leggings. She takes an extra-small and yesterday that is all they had. The best news is they were also all $1.00 each. So while they were not for me, it was still nice to be able to gift her with something she could use. They were regular  $3.98.


Clearance Deals From Walmart

So without tax, my total would have been  $27.88 my total was $5.00.

A savings of $22.88 !!!

So tell me, have you shopped any recent Wal-mart clearance? What did you find? Please share in the comments below.


Love Jennifer

Fabulous Blogs You’ll Want to Read

Along, my path of being a forum owner turned Mom Blogger I have become far more interested in other blogs. Not just your typical mommy blogs but even fashion, cooking and crafting among other things. It is really interesting to get to know these other women through their words and photos. I have met some pretty incredible people. Made a few friends and learned a ton. How could I not share just a little of this with you wonderful ladies?

Womens blogs you will just love.
Image Source: www.pexels.com

Love, Kimber


I will be the first to admit. I am far from fashionable. If you saw the way I am dressed right now you would roll about on the floor with laughter. I assure you, you would.

What made me love this blog that I stumbled upon by accident is not just that Kimber shows you her current favorite outfit in so many different and interesting settings she tells you about her day and life like she is talking to an old friend.

This lady has such a beautiful sense of style and sweet personality it is close to impossible not to keep returning to see what she is up to.

I love the fact that when you comment she just about always replies. It shows that she is glad that you were there and I like that.



If you are looking for a faith-filled blog with some southern charm and humor this is the place for you. I have known Thelma for years and years. She is one of the sweetest, most loving, kind people I have ever had the pleasure of “meeting”. Her blog does not disappoint.  Her blog is one I visit often.She tells stories about her sweet dog Sammy and her three teens. She is transparent and will willing discuss her downfalls so not only can she learn from them but the rest of us can too. Reading her blog makes you want to meet up with her at a cozy little coffee cafe and chat the hours away.

High Heels and Homework


I found Michelle on a Facebook group. Besides the fact that she works and I am a stay at home mom we have so much in common and I just adore her.  I look forward her blog posts and have taken so much out of reading them. She shares how she balances life between working outside the home and her beautiful family. She is down to earth something I really really like. It keeps her real and relatable. Much like myself, she is new to the world of Mom Bloggers but let me tell you she rocks at blogging you would never guess she has not been at it for years. She is another of my very favorite blogs.

The Kingers & I


I found this blog today. I was immediately drawn in because I see a mom who is a lot like myself in many ways. Her blog is full of interesting thoughts about raising her family. Her most recent blog post PARENTING….WHERE’S THE MANUAL? I can not wait to read more of her thoughts and their adventures.

Kat Bouska -Mama’s Losin’ It


First things first if you have your own blog she runs an awesome link up party each week. Each week you get emailed the prompts for the link up. I like that simply because there is one day of the week I do not have to think too hard about a topic. If you are interested in her Writer’s Workshop Link Up to check out this week’s writing prompts.

Her blog is filled with her great sense of humor, recipes, fun family stories and awesome videos. You absolutely will find something to love here.

Kandy Apple Mama


Not all that long ago when I was glancing through Pinterest a title jumped right out at me. 20 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Mother-In-Law. As my own son is getting married I wanted to see another woman’s ideas at what might bother her because I never want to make my own daughter-in-law feel uncomfortable or dislike me. Their article pulled me in as did all their others I have read thus far. Their blog is stunning and the writing is heartfelt and meaningful and they tell us things we need to hear sometimes. Their personal life lessons are used to help others. This blog is one I promise you that you do not want to pass by for sure.


blogs you will want to read www.simplymoms.net

Love Jennifer