An Open Letter To The Woman Who Shamed My Son For Trick-Or-Treating

Dear Lady,

I am sure that when you went out and you purchased Halloween candy and you turned your porch light on you were excited to see all the small children with their little goodie bags and their cute costumes at your door.  As were they excited to go door to door and collect treats and show off their costumes.

There is an issue though. My son, the quiet sweet kid that he is looks forward to Halloween too. Yes, He is 15.  He followed all the rules. He dressed up, he had a treat bag. He said trick or treat and I know he was polite to you. However, you my dear where not polite to him. You scoffed at him for being 15. You scoffed at him for going out with the other children in our family and having a fun night. You actually hurt his feelings.

Maybe , next year you should not bother with the candy. You should leave your light off and simply not be bothered by anyone’s child. Halloween is supposed to be fun. There is not an age limit. The boy you hurt, my son. Would hold a door open for you. He would pick something up and hand it to you if you dropped it. He says please, excuse me and thank you. He has a tender heart. Yes, he is 15. So what? And yes, maybe I went a bit over board painting his face but Halloween is about dressing like someone else. You know in fun.


You would rather he be out causing mischief? Egging homes? Toilet papering someone’s trees? Stealing candy from small children? My guess is that is a no. And regardless of weather he went out last night or not he would not do that. I understand that maybe in the past you have had some experience some where with someone’s teen, maybe it was not a good one. Maybe as a teen you were not so nice so that is what you expect?

Regardless… No worries we will skip your home next year. You have been heard loud and clear. All we heard is you don’t see people for whom they are you are judgmental and it is sad. I try not to surround myself or my children with that. I try to let my son be a kid and have fun while he can. The adult years are long ones and we never get to reclaim our childhood years. So next year enjoy those extra five pieces of candy.  We did not “need them” we were simply out enjoying a fun night in our neighborhood. My hope is what ever made you so bitter towards others gets resolved in your heart.


Mom of That 15 Year Old Who Trick-or-Treats


No Messy Meat Balls

I hate the mess of shaping meat balls. Just not my cup of tea. Tonight I tossed all the ingredients in the freezer bag with the hamburger. Then squished it all together to mix it will. Afterward I cut the tip off the bag and piped them out onto a pan. Super easy and far less mess.20160919_200244


How Not To Spill The Bubbles

It was a perfect day for blowing bubbles. With a busy, bouncy, bubble spilling toddler we both sure love Pinterest for the idea we saw many times of securing the bubbles to something. It worked like a charm. We taped them right to the porch spindle. Perfect!

Bubbles Trick


Easy To Make Felt Breakfast Foods

I went to Wal-Mart tonight looking to see how much some play food for Bella’s beloved kitchen set would be. I was shocked by the price and what you were getting. A few plastic pieces and a bunch of cardboard food boxes. What child would get much play out of a cardboard toy? I know Bella would crush them all with in two minutes being the two year old she is. You know a normal child LOL. So no to that.

I went down to the craft area and bought some felt pieces for 23 cents each. With the plan to turn them into food. I just cut them out, hand stitched them together and ta-da! Foods that she recognizes for pennies and just a bit of time. I realized that on Pinterest there are HUNDREDS of neat ideas. So this is just the tip of the iceberg. While these may be a bit crudely made they are still a far site better than anything Wal-Mart offered.

Felt food breakfast

Happy Thursday Moms!

I’m pretty sure most everyone’s children are back to school. Hope all you Moms are enjoying your first day of September.


Moms do your Children Have the McDonald’s STEP-iT Activity Bands? RECALL ALERT!

Moms if your Child has a Step-It Activity Band from McDonald’s They have been recalled! Read the article at the above link for more information!

***Skin Irritation and BURN risk! **


Homemade Laundry Stain Remover – Look at This Moms!

Homemade Stain Remover

I have this big thing about putting my grandbaby in cute little dresses. She has a big thing for chocolate ice-cream and other wonderful foods that stain. I also am the mom to a wonderful stain making fourteen year old boy. Grass and ground in dirt are his favorite stains to make. As a Mom and Grandma my go to stain remover was just to simply put a bit of my laundry soap on the stain rub it a bit and wash. It resulted in a lot of clothes with stains.

If you look online there are lots of ideas for removing stains and making stain remover sprays. I like simple because as mom my life is complex enough at times. I also like using what I have on hand. So this caught my eye all over the internet.


You need:

1/2 cup of BLUE DAWN

1 cup peroxide

A dark spray bottle or prepare to keep the clear spray bottle in a dark cabinet because the light will break down the peroxide. Also I did not test this with any other dish soap than the blue dawn. I would use the Dawn called for or your results may be less than awesome.

Simply pour the Dawn and Peroxide into the spray bottle, cover and shake gently to mix.

To use spray on stain and wash as normal.

***Hey Moms I personally have used this on colors, whites, and darks with no issues… How ever I would spot test if you are worried about damage to any particular article of clothing****

Things I Hope My Children Know

a mothers love sentiment

1.I know I was not the perfect parent. I know I made mistakes. However I always loved you and my intentions were good.

2. I don’t just use the words I love you out of habit, or because I feel like I have to. I say it because I mean it from the depths of my soul.

3. I do not love you all exactly the same. I love you all in very distinct individual ways. You are all unique people. I love you all to the moon and back however each of our journeys there together were vastly Different. I love how individual you all are and cherish that in many different ways.

4. I will love you until my end of days. I love you no matter what. I may not love all the things you do or the choices you make but YOU I love no matter what.

5. It kills me not to help you when things are bad. I want to fix life for you. I want to scoop you up and make life good. However I know letting you fall, even hard sometimes is the only way you will learn.

6.  I will worry about you. I have done it from the day that pregnancy test turned positive. It is my God given right. Yes, I know it is annoying. Be patient with me. It’s hard having such a big part of me out there in this world that can be terrible at times.

7. I know I give advice when you don’t want it. I know you think sometimes I am not doing enough for you. Sometimes the truth and tough love are pretty hard gifts to give and take.  I know sometimes I am wrong with my advice. That’s okay too. Just like when you make mistakes and I continue to love you I hope you will do the same for me.

8. I hope you know my door is always open. You don’t need to knock.

9. When you come in please for the love of goodness sake take off your shoes at the door!


Love Muma <3